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REIGNS OF JAMES I. AND CHARLES I.                                853
He sang her love songs as he sat at his work : But she was as hard as a Jew or a Turk; Whenever he spake, she would flounce and
would fleer, Which put the poor cobbler quite into despair. Derry down, down, &c. -
He took up his awl that he had in the world, And to make away with himself was resolv'd;
Hepierc'd through his body instead of his sole, §o the cobbler he died, and the bell it did toll. Derry down, down, &c.
And now in good-will I advise as a friend, All cobblers take warning by. this cobbler's end;                                      [what's past,
Keep your hearts out of love, for we find by That love brings us all to an end at the last. Derry down, down, &c. '
TOM TINKER'S MY TRUE-LOVE. The tune of Tom Tinker's my true love is mentioned in a black-letter tract, called The World's Folly, which was reprinted in The British Bibliographer, edited by Sir Egerton Brydges:" A pot of strong ale, which was often at his nose, kept his face in so good a coulour, and his braine in so kinde a heate, as, forgetting part of his forepassed pride, (in the good humour of grieving patience,) made him, with a hemming sigh, ilfavourdly singe the ballad of Whilom I was, to the tune of Tom Tinker." (ii. 559). The tune is in The Dancing Master, from 1650 to 1698. About the latter period it seems to' have been rejected for another air (under the same name), which is printed with the words in Pills to purge Melancholy, vi. 265; and was introduced in The Beggars' Opera for the song Which way shall I turn me ? The following tune is from The Dancing Master:
Moderate time.
Tom For of
Tin-ker's my true love, And I all the young men he has
am his dear, And I will go the best way; All the day he will
irith him, his
bud - get to bear,
This way, that way, which - e - ver you
fid - die, at night he will play.
T P-
rir- i -r
will, I'm sure I say no - thing that you can take

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