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352                                -ENGLISH SONG AND BALLAD MUSIC.
" Yea, that shall I do, and make your grace    " Now nay, my liege, be not in such speed, "
merry.                                                           For, alack, I can neither write ne read'."
You think I'm the Abbot of Canterbury; [see,
But I'm his poor shepherd, as plain you may    " Four nobles a week> then> J wil1 Sive thee>
That am come to beg pardon for him and for For this merry Jest thou hast shown unto me? me ..                                                            And tell the oldabbot, when thou comesthome,
Thou bast brought him a pardon from good The king he laughed, and swore by the mass,             K. , , ,,
" I'll make thee lord abbot this day in his place."
The following is a very different version of the tune, as printed in Watts'
Musical Miscellany.
The following punning prototype of the late T. Efood's comic songs, should not he omitted. It is entitled The Collier's Mid:
A cobbler there was, and he liv'd in a stall, Which serv'd him for parlour, for kitchen, and
all; No coin in his pocket, nor care in his pate, No ambition had he, nor duns at his gate.
Derry down, down, down, derry down.
Contented he work'd, and he thought himself
happy,                                     [nappy ;
If at night he could purchase a jug of brown
How he'd laugh then, and whistle, and sing,
too, most sweet, Saying just to a hair I have made both ends
meet.             Derry down, down, &c.
But love the disturber of high and of low, That shoots at the peasant as well as the beau, He shot the poor cobbler quite thorough the
heart: I wish he had hit some more ignoble part. Derry down, down, &c.
It was from a cellar this archer did play, Where a buxom young damsel continually lay; Her eyes shone so bright when she rose ev'ry day,                                                  [way,
That she shot the poor cobbler quite over the Deny down, down, &c.

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