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336                                  ENGLISH SONG AND BALLAD MUSIC.
In the house of pure Emanuel* I had my education,
Where my friends surmise
I dazzled my eyes With the sight of revelation.
Boldly I preach, &c.
They bound me like a bedlam, They lash'd my four poor quarters;
Whilst this I endure,
Faith makes me sure To be one of Fox's martyrs.
Boldly I preach, &c.
These injuries I suffer Through antichrist's persuasion :
Take off this chain,
Neither Rome nor Spain Can resist my strong invasion. Boldly I preach, &c.
Of the beast's ten horns (God bless ns!) I have knock'd off three already;
If they let me alone
I'll leave him none : But they say I am too heady.
Boldly I preach, &c.
When I sack'd the seven hill'd city, . I met the great red dragon ; I kept him aloof With the armour of proof, " Though here I have never a rag on. Boldly I preach, &c.
With a fiery sword and target, There fought I with this monster:
But the sons of pride
My zeal deride, And all my deeds misconster.
Boldly I preach, &c.
'I un-hors'd the Whore of Babel, With the lance of Inspiration ; I made her stink, And spill the drink In her cup of abomination.
Boldly I preach, &c.
I appear'd before the archbishop, And all the high commission ; I gave him no grace, But told him to his face, That he favour'd superstition.
Boldly I preach, &c.
THOMAS, YOU CANNOT. This tune is contained in Sir John Hawkins' Transcripts of Virginal Music; in the fourth and later editions of The Dancing Master; in The Beggars' Opera; The Mock Doctor; An Old Man taught Wisdom; The Oxford Act; and other ballad-operas.
In some of the earlier editions of The Dancing Master, it is entitled Thomas, you cannot; in others, Tumas, I cannot, or Tom Trusty; in some of the ballad-operas (for instance, The Cfenerous Freemason, and The Lover his own Rival),' Sir Thomas, I cannot.
In the Pepys Collection, i. 62, is a black-letter ballad (one of the many written against the Roman Catholics after the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, in 1605), entitled " A New-yeeres-Gift for the Pope; 0 come see the difference plainly decided between Truth and Falsehood:
Not all the Pope's trinkets, which here are brought forth, Can balance the bible, for weight, or for worth," &c. " To the tune of Thomas you cannot." It commences thus : " All you that desirous are to behold The difference 'twixt falsehood and faith," &c. In Grammatical Drollery, by W. H. (Captain Hicks), 1682, p. 75, is a song commencing, "Come, my Molly, let us be jolly:" to the tune of Thomas, I cannot; and in Chetwood's History of the Stage, 8vo., 1749, a song on a theatrical anecdote, by Mr. John Leigh (an actor, who died in 1726), of which the following is the first stanza:
Emanuel College, Cambridge, was originally a seminary of Puritans.

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