The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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§ 37. "We must distinguish between the " flat " and " bent" positions and movements of the finger, that respectively accom­pany the Clinging and Thrusting attitudes, and their corre­lated upper-arm conditions.
§ 38. The wrist and hand must constantly adjust their position laterally, so that we can easily connect fingering-posi­tions by means of lateral movements of the thumb, etc. The wrist must meanwhile be neither too high nor too low ; and it must change its height, slightly, when the thumb al­ternates between black and white keys.
§ 39. The hand must be level, since the little-finger would otherwise be placed at a disadvantage. More important still, the knuckles must never be permitted to fall in, as a normal position.
§ 40. The fingers should not move during key-descent, ex­cept in Finger-touch.
§ 41. The thumb, in its normal position, should be well away from the hand, and its nail-phalanx should always be in the same line as its key, unless it is required upon two keys simultaneously.
§ 42. Above all things, we must always insist on being properly in position over—and even on—each key, before using it, so that Energy can be applied to it, vertically.
§ 43. Each of the keys forming a passage must not be con­ceived as a separate unit;—each key's position must be con­ceived and must be found as a particular distance from each peceding key, or set of keys.
§ 44. In conclusion :
The student and teacher must once again be warned not to forget the purpose of Technique whilst studying its neces­sary details. The reminder is essential, for in studying these details, the mind is apt to dwell on one aspect of the problem, to the almost complete exclusion of the others.              Thus,
in endeavouring to secure the visible effects of correct Position and Movement, we are apt to forget that these are quite sub-
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