The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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ficiently opened-out, as described in § 35. Sufficient distance is therefore required between the shoulder and the key-board; and to enable us to give this, we must sit sufficiently distant from the instrument.
This requisite distance from the key-board can be obtained in two ways: either (a) while sitting perfectly upright (or nearly so), or (b) while leaning forward from the hips—without stoop­ing.           This choice depends upon the length of the arm rel­atively to the height of the body from the hips.
39): The chair should be placed in the centre of the instrument. Its height is determined by the height and position of the body from the hips. When the chair is too high, we are compelled to move uncomfortably far away from the instrument, to ensure the requisite distance between shoulder and key, as described in §§ 35 and 38. Music-stools are often found insufficiently depressable.
40) : The feet, when employed upon the pedals, should reach the latter with the ball of the foot, while the edge of the heel is placed upon the ground, and takes the weight of the leg.
The left foot, when not required upon the una corda pedal, should be placed further back than the right one (on its pedal) and with the sole alone reaching the ground.
41): All unnecessary movements should be strictly eschewed. Even those secondary move­ments, required to enable us to test ourselves for freedom, and which must be greatly exaggerated in the learning-stage, should nevertheless subsequently be gradually reduced to the smallest limits compatible with a due fulfilment of their purpose.
42) : The main points requiring attention in Position, are as follows:—
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