The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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94                    KEY-TREATMENT ; MUSCULAR ASPECT.
37): Such transfer of the Resting-weight must also occur automaticallyi.e. . in response to the cessation of the last finger's supporting action upon the key; this being timed to occur at the moment the next finger's key is desired to commence its descent*
38) : For the Staccato-form of the " Resting." the weight of the hand is found sufficient, and this is not ponderous enough to prevent the required rebound of the key.
39): We must remember that the " Added-impetusn is quite as short-lived in Tenuto and Legato as it is in Staccatissimo.
40): The fore-arm Rotation-element is extremely important. To it we owe our possibilities of Evenness of Touch, and also the power to render notes prominent at either side of the hand* The adjustments in question must therefore be constant, although for the most part invisible.
This adjustment, when it is allowed to become visible as an actual tilting of the hand, is termed Rotation-touch-
41)  : Lateral freedom of the Wrist and Hand is imperative. Free horizontal movements of the hand are also required to pro­mote evenness, when turning over the thumb and turning under the fingers.
42)  : " Wrist-freedom," which is so much desired by everyone, must hence be insisted upon in all these three aspects—the ver­tical, rotary and horizontal. We can insure such freedom by insisting on feeling 'bertical over each key, before commencing to use it.
43): Subsidiary points are:—freedom in the horizontal move­ments of the fore-arm itself, and of the fingers, and of the upper-arm, when bringing the finger-tips over their respective keys.
44) : Three Muscular Tests are essential, so
Testin " *"" wc may msute °°r fcdfflHng the required Mus­cular Conditions* These tests, which should be practised every day before anything else, are as follows:
45): Test No. I.: —A slight up-and-down swaying of the
1 Explanations of §§ 44 to 47, found in Chapter XVIII., pa#e 204.
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