The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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To obtain it, we must be careful really to weigh the key down by such arm-release, and not in the least to put it down by mus­cular-initiative.
aa): True Legato, we found, is only possible in finger-pas­sages ;1 for the Tenuto form of the Resting (or pp Weight-touch) must here be transferred from finger to finger during the continu­ance of each phrase.
This transfer should be effected by timing the previous finger to cease its weight-supporting activity at the moment that the next key's descent is required to commence: Thus the new finger is compelled to take up its duties automatically in response to the weight being " left in the lurch " by the preceding finger.
bb): Without any Added-impetus, this forms pp Transfer-touch. Here again we must be careful not directly to influence the new finger's depression; we must instead insist on the previous finger giving way at the right moment.
cc): The following facts will now be clearer:—
Pianissimo Weight-touch accompanies all forms of Tenuto; —since all tone beyond pp must be supplied by one of the multi­farious forms of the Added-impetus.
Pianissimo Weight-transfer touch, in the same way accom­panies all Legati of greater tone-amount than pp.
Tenuto and Legato of more tone than pp, hence consist of pp Weight-touch or Weight-transfer-touch respectively, with a tone-making operation added thereto for each note—the Added-impetus, the latter as short-lived as in Staccatissimo.
ddj: For the first (or Staccato) form of the Resting, the weight of the hand alone is sufficient. For this purpose, the hand must lie quite loosely upon the keys. Tone, of whatever kind, must of course be obtained by employment of the Added-impetus in one of its many forms.
eej : Invisible adjustments of the Forearm are constantly re­quired in a rotary or tilting direction, to ensure Evenness of effect from all the fingers ; and also to enable the fingers at either side
1 Except by intervention of the Dumper-pedal. * Already considered in Chapter XV.
Chap. XV., etc.
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