The First Principles Of Pianoforte Playing

A complete playing tutorial for self learners or school use.

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I): The outer case of the instrument contains two distinct portions; the Instrument-proper, and the Implement by which to excite it into sound.
2)  : The instrument-proper consists of : a), the Sounding-board, and b), the Strings, with the wooden or iron Frame to take their tension.
3)  : The exciting-implement consists of the " Action " or Mechanism.
4) : This Action, or Mechanism, comprises the Key and all its appurtenances ; these include:—
a): A Leverage-system, see-saw like, designed to facilitate the attainment of a high degree of velocity at the Hammer-end, and thus to communicate Energy to the String in the Form of Motion.
b): The Escapement, a device to enable the hammer to re­bound with and from the string, while the key remains de­pressed.
c): A supplementary device, to enable Repetition to be easily effected.
d) : A " check," to catch the hammer on its rebound from the string, so as to prevent its re-striking the string by a further rebound.
5)  : The " action " has the following accessories:—
aa): The Damper, to stop the string's vibrations when the key is allowed to rise.
bb) : The damper Pedal, to raise the whole of the dampers off the strings, and thus leave them free to vibrate.
cc) : The soft pedal, the UNA CORDA pedal.
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