Traditional Music Songs

A collection of some of the best known traditional folk songs.

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A Celebrated Workingman.nwc
A Celebrated Workingman.txt
All The World Is Desolation .nwc
All The World Is Desolation .txt
As I Roved Out.nwc
As I Roved Out.txt
As I Walked Out.nwc
As I Walked Out.txt
As I Went Out Ae May Morning.nwc
As I Went Out Ae May Morning.txt
Astrologer The.nwc
Astrologer The.txt
Banks Of Inverary.nwc
Banks Of Inverary.txt
Banks Of The Condamine.nwc
Banks Of The Condamine.txt
Barns O' Beneuches The.nwc
Barns O' Beneuches The.txt
Baron O' Brackley The.nwc
Baron O' Brackley The.txt
Beggarman's Song The.nwc
Beggarman's Song The.txt
Bessy Bell.nwc
Bessy Bell.txt
Bird In A Cage.nwc
Bird In A Cage.txt
Blow The Candles Out.nwc
Blow The Candles Out.txt
Blow The Wind Southerly.nwc
Blow The Wind Southerly.txt
Bold Belfast Shoemaker The.nwc
Bold Belfast Shoemaker The.txt
Bold Robert Emmet.nwc
Bold Robert Emmet.txt
Bonnie Susie Cleland.nwc
Bonnie Susie Cleland.txt
Botany Bay.nwc
Botany Bay.txt
Brian O'lynn (2).nwc
Brian O'lynn (2).txt
Brose And Butter.nwc
Brose And Butter.txt
By The Hush.nwc
By The Hush.txt
Captain Grant.nwc
Captain Grant.txt
Caroline Of Edinburgh Town.nwc
Caroline Of Edinburgh Town.txt
Chastity Belt The.nwc
Chastity Belt The.txt
Chevalier's Lament The.nwc
Chevalier's Lament The.txt
Cliffs Of Doneen The.nwc
Cliffs Of Doneen The.txt
Come All Ye Coal Miners.nwc
Come All Ye Coal Miners.txt
Come By The Hills.nwc
Come By The Hills.txt
Cow That Ate The Piper The.nwc
Cow That Ate The Piper The.txt
Crafty Maid's Policy The.nwc
Crafty Maid's Policy The.txt
Crimean War The.nwc
Crimean War The.txt
Cuckoo The.nwc
Cuckoo The.txt
Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird.nwc
Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird.txt
Cumberland's Crew The.nwc
Cumberland's Crew The.txt
Curragh Of Kildare.nwc
Curragh Of Kildare.txt
Dalesman's Litany Or From Hull And Halif.nwc
Dalesman's Litany Or From Hull And Halif.txt
Daniel Monroe.nwc
Daniel Monroe.txt
Danny Boy.txt
Dark Island The.nwc
Dark Island The.txt
Darwinian Theory The.nwc
Darwinian Theory The.txt
Day We Went To Rothesay O The.nwc
Day We Went To Rothesay O The.txt
Death And The Lady.nwc
Death And The Lady.txt
Derwentwater's Farewell.nwc
Derwentwater's Farewell.txt
Deserter The.nwc
Deserter The.txt
Devil And The Feathery Wife The.nwc
Devil And The Feathery Wife The.txt
Donna Donna.nwc
Donna Donna.txt
Down By The Sally Gardens.nwc
Down By The Sally Gardens.txt
Down Erin's Lovely Lee.nwc
Down Erin's Lovely Lee.txt
Dreary Black Hills.nwc
Dreary Black Hills.txt
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill.nwc
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill.txt
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes.nwc
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes.txt
Dublin City (Spanish Lady).nwc
Dublin City (Spanish Lady).txt
Duke Of Argyle The.nwc
Dumiama Dingiama Dumiama Day.nwc
Dumiama Dingiama Dumiama Day.txt
Dying British Sergeant The.nwc
Dying British Sergeant The.txt
Easy And Slow.nwc
Easy And Slow.txt
Election--the Peoples' Right.nwc
Election--the Peoples' Right.txt
Enniskillin Dragoon.nwc
Enniskillin Dragoon.txt
Eppie Adair.nwc
Eppie Adair.txt
Evil Hearted Man.nwc
Evil Hearted Man.txt
Factory Girl The.nwc
Factory Girl The.txt
False Bride The.nwc
False Bride The.txt
False Young Man The.nwc
False Young Man The.txt
Fanny Blair.nwc
Fanny Blair.txt
Fear A'bhata.nwc
Fear A'bhata.txt
Finnegan's Wake.nwc
Finnegan's Wake.txt
Fisher Who Died In His Bed The.nwc
Fisher Who Died In His Bed The.txt
Foggy Dew The.nwc
Foggy Dew The.txt
Four Prominent Bastards.nwc
Four Prominent Bastards.txt
Garton Mother's Lullaby.nwc
Garton Mother's Lullaby.txt
German Musicianer The.nwc
German Musicianer The.txt
Get Up And Bar The Door.nwc
Get Up And Bar The Door.txt
Girl I Left Behind The.nwc
Girl I Left Behind The.txt
Gloomy Night.nwc
Gloomy Night.txt
Gude Wallace.nwc
Gude Wallace.txt
Hackler From Grouse Hall The.nwc
Hackler From Grouse Hall The.txt
Hawk And The Crow The.nwc
Hawk And The Crow The.txt
Henry Martin.nwc
Henry Martin.txt
Here's The Tender Comin'.nwc
Here's The Tender Comin'.txt
High Barbaree.nwc
High Barbaree.txt
High Germany.nwc
High Germany.txt
Highland Mary.nwc
Highland Mary.txt
Hot Ashphalt.nwc
Hot Ashphalt.txt
House Carpenter.nwc
House Carpenter.txt
How Luckless The Fortune.nwc
How Luckless The Fortune.txt
How Stands The Glass .nwc
How Stands The Glass .txt
Humors Of The Glen The.nwc
Humors Of The Glen The.txt
Hush Alee.nwc
Hush Alee.txt
I Don't Want To Join The Army.nwc
I Don't Want To Join The Army.txt
I Dreamed There Were Unicorns.nwc
I Dreamed There Were Unicorns.txt
I Wanted Wings.nwc
I Wanted Wings.txt
In Seaport Town.nwc
In Seaport Town.txt
John Riley.nwc
John Riley.txt
Johnnie Of Braidesly.nwc
Johnnie Of Braidesly.txt
Johnny And Molly.nwc
Johnny And Molly.txt
Johnny Cope.nwc
Johnny Cope.txt
Juice Of The Barley The.nwc
Juice Of The Barley The.txt
Lady Diamond.nwc
Lady Diamond.txt
Lady Isabel And The Elf-knight.nwc
Lady Isabel And The Elf-knight.txt
Lambs On Green Hill Or Ned Of The Hill.nwc
Lambs On Green Hill Or Ned Of The Hill.txt
Lame Soldier The.nwc
Lame Soldier The.txt
Land Of Libertie The.nwc
Land Of Libertie The.txt
Last Rose Of Summer The.nwc
Last Rose Of Summer The.txt
Leaving Liverpool.nwc
Leaving Liverpool.txt
Liberty For The Sailors.nwc
Liberty For The Sailors.txt
Lilli Burlero.nwc
Lilli Burlero.txt
Lock The Door Larriston.nwc
Locke Hospital.nwc
Locke Hospital.txt
Lord Bateman.nwc
Lord Bateman.txt
Lord Of Scotland The.nwc
Lord Of Scotland The.txt
Love Has Brought Me To Despair.nwc
Love Has Brought Me To Despair.txt
Love Will Find Out The Way.nwc
Love Will Find Out The Way.txt
Lowlands Of Holland The.nwc
Lowlands Of Holland The.txt
Lowlands Of Holland The 2.nwc
Lowlands Of Holland The 2 2.txt
Maid Thet Sold Her Barley The.nwc
Maid Thet Sold Her Barley The.txt
Married And Single Life.nwc
Married And Single Life.txt
Mary On The Wild Moor.nwc
Mary On The Wild Moor.txt
Molly Brannigan.nwc
Molly Brannigan.txt
My Children Are Laughing.nwc
My Children Are Laughing.txt
My Peggy's Face.nwc
My Peggy's Face.txt
Nightingales Sing (One Morning In May).nwc
Nightingales Sing (One Morning In May).txt
Nine Times A Night.nwc
Nine Times A Night.txt
No Irish Need Apply.nwc
No Irish Need Apply.txt
North Country Maid.nwc
North Country Maid.txt
Oh Are You Sleeping Maggie .nwc
Oh Are You Sleeping Maggie .txt
Oh Death.nwc
Oh Death.txt
Oh Lovely Appearance Of Death.nwc
Oh Lovely Appearance Of Death.txt
Old Dun Cow.nwc
Old Dun Cow.txt
Old Stone Jar The.nwc
Old Stone Jar The.txt
On A Bank Of Flowers.nwc
On A Bank Of Flowers.txt
On Monday Morning.nwc
On Monday Morning.txt
Our Wedding Day.nwc
Our Wedding Day.txt
Outlandish Knight.nwc
Outlandish Knight.txt
Paddy And The Whale.nwc
Paddy And The Whale.txt
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead.nwc
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead.txt
Pinery Boy.nwc
Pinery Boy.txt
Piper O' Dundee The.nwc
Piper O' Dundee The.txt
Ploughboy The.nwc
Ploughboy The.txt
Poor Lil.nwc
Poor Lil.txt
Poor Man The.nwc
Poor Man The.txt
Poverty Knock.nwc
Poverty Knock.txt
Queen Of Hearts The.nwc
Queen Of Hearts The.txt
Rambling Sailor The.nwc
Rambling Sailor The.txt
Randy Dandy O!.nwc
Randy Dandy O!.txt
Rattlin Roarin' Willie.nwc
Rattlin Roarin' Willie.txt
Red Is The Rose.nwc
Red Is The Rose.txt
Revolutionary Tea.nwc
Revolutionary Tea.txt
Rising Of The Moon The.nwc
Rising Of The Moon The.txt
Road Tae Dundee The.nwc
Road Tae Dundee The.txt
Rolling Of The Stones The.nwc
Rolling Of The Stones The.txt
Rolling Stone The.nwc
Rolling Stone The.txt
Room For Company.nwc
Room For Company.txt
Rose Of Tralee The.nwc
Rose Of Tralee The.txt
Rosebud In June.nwc
Rosebud In June.txt
Rough And Rocky.nwc
Rough And Rocky.txt
Rowan County Crew The.nwc
Rowan County Crew The.txt
Royal Oak.nwc
Royal Oak.txt
Rue And Thyme.nwc
Rue And Thyme.txt
Rye Whisky.nwc
Rye Whisky.txt
Sailor And The Tailor The.nwc
Sailor And The Tailor The.txt
Sailor From Dover.nwc
Sailor From Dover.txt
Saladin Mutiny The.nwc
Saladin Mutiny The.txt
Saladin Mutiny The 2.nwc
Saladin Mutiny The 2 2.txt
Scarborough Fair.nwc
Scarborough Fair.txt
Schooner E A Horton The.nwc
Schooner E A Horton The.txt
Second Of August.nwc
Second Of August.txt
Seven Long Years.nwc
Seven Long Years.txt
She Rose To Let Me In.nwc
She Rose To Let Me In.txt
Sheep Stealer The.nwc
Sheep Stealer The.txt
She's Like The Swallow.nwc
She's Like The Swallow.txt
Sir Arthur And Charming Mollee.nwc
Sir Arthur And Charming Mollee.txt
Song On Courtship.nwc
Song On Courtship.txt
Sons Of Sorrow.nwc
Sons Of Sorrow.txt
South Wind The.nwc
South Wind The.txt
Star Of The County Down The.nwc
Star Of The County Down The.txt
Starving To Death On My Government Claim.nwc
Starving To Death On My Government Claim.txt
Stokes's Verdict.nwc
Stokes's Verdict.txt
Stormy Scenes Of Winter The.nwc
Stormy Scenes Of Winter The.txt
Streams Of Lovely Nancy.nwc
Streams Of Lovely Nancy.txt
Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation.nwc
Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation.txt
Suffolk Miracle The.nwc
Suffolk Miracle The.txt
Sweet Carnloch Bay.nwc
Sweet Carnloch Bay.txt
Sweet Joan.nwc
Sweet Joan.txt
The Flight Of The Earls.txt
There Was An Old Miller.nwc
There Was An Old Miller.txt
There Was Twa Wives.nwc
There Was Twa Wives.txt
Thomas The Rhymer.nwc
Thomas The Rhymer.txt
Three Birds.nwc
Three Birds.txt
Three Hunters The.nwc
Three Hunters The.txt
Three Ravens The.nwc
Three Ravens The.txt
Thyme It Is A Precious Thing.nwc
Thyme It Is A Precious Thing.txt
Time To Be Made A Wife.nwc
Time To Be Made A Wife.txt
Tom Bolynn.nwc
Tom Bolynn.txt
Turn Ye To Me.nwc
Turn Ye To Me.txt
Twa Corbies.nwc
Twa Corbies.txt
Two Magicians The.nwc
Two Magicians The.txt
Two Puritains The.nwc
Two Puritains The.txt
Tyre Fitter The.nwc
Tyre Fitter The.txt
Unfortunate Lass The.nwc
Unfortunate Lass The.txt
Unquiet Grave The.nwc
Unquiet Grave The.txt
Valley Of Knockanure The.nwc
Valley Of Knockanure The.txt
Violate Me In The Violet Time.nwc
Violate Me In The Violet Time.txt
Waly Waly.nwc
Waly Waly.txt
What's The Life Of A Man.nwc
What's The Life Of A Man.txt
When First Into This Country.nwc
When First Into This Country.txt
Whiskey In The Jar.txt
Whistle The.nwc
Whistle The.txt
Wife Of Usher's Well The.nwc
Wife Of Usher's Well The.txt
Will Ye Go To Flanders .nwc
Will Ye Go To Flanders .txt
Windy Old Weather.nwc
Windy Old Weather.txt
Wives Excuse.nwc
Wives Excuse.txt
Wreck Of The C P Yorke The.nwc
Wreck Of The C P Yorke The.txt
Wreck On The Highway The.nwc
Wreck On The Highway The.txt

E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III