Playford Collection

A collection of some of the best known traditional English
music from John Playford's collection of music of the British Isles.

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Anniseed Water Robin.nwc
Apsley House.nwc
Aye Me (Symphony).nwc
Barrack Hill.nwc
Beggar Boy.nwc
Black Jack.nwc
Black Nag.nwc
Bobbing Joe.nwc
Bonnets So Blue.nwc
Bonny Breast Knot.nwc
Bonny Broom.nwc
Brighton Camp.nwc
Bury Fair.nwc
Catching Of Fleas.nwc
Catching Of Quails.nwc
Cheerily And Merrily.nwc
Chelmsford Assembly.nwc
Chelsea Reach.nwc
Chestnut (Dove's Figary).nwc
Christchurch Bells.nwc
Collier's Daughter (The Duke Of Rutland's Delight).nwc
Coronation Day.nwc
Country Farmer.nwc
Crosby Square.nwc
Dick's Maggot.nwc
Dissembling Love (Lost Heart).nwc
Drive The Cold Winter Away.nwc
Dull Sir John.nwc
Epping Forest.nwc
Epsom New Mills (The Pursuit).nwc
Every Lad His Lass.nwc
Fain I Would.nwc
Fine Companion.nwc
Fit's Come On Me Now.nwc
Follow Your Lovers.nwc
Footy Agyen The Wa'.nwc
Four Pence Half-penny Farthing.nwc
Friar And The Nun.nwc
From Aberdeen.nwc
Fy Nay Prithee John.nwc
Gathering Peascods.nwc
Gelding Of The Devil.nwc
Geud Man Of Ballangigh (Hunt The Squirrel).nwc
Glory Of The West.nwc
Goodnight And Joy Be With You.nwc
Gooseberry Blossoms.nwc
Greenwich Park.nwc
Half Hannikin.nwc
Health The.nwc
Hey Boys Up Go We.nwc
Hit And Miss (Daphne) .nwc
Hole In The Wall.nwc
Hunsden House.nwc
Hunt The Squirrel.nwc
Hyde Park.nwc
If All The World Were Paper.nwc
Indian Queen.nwc
Irish Jig.nwc
Irish Jig 2.nwc
Irish Reel.nwc
Irish Trot.nwc
Jack A' Lent (Lord Carnarvon's Jig).nwc
Jack's Farewell.nwc
Jack's Maggot.nwc
Jacob Hall's Jig.nwc
Jenny (The Garter).nwc
Jenny Pluck Pears.nwc
Jog On.nwc
Johhny Mcgill.nwc
Juice Of The Barley.nwc
Killie Crankie.nwc
King Of Poland.nwc
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe.nwc
Lady In The Dark.nwc
Lady Spellor (Soldier's Life).nwc
Lilli Burlero.nwc
London (Watton Town's End).nwc
Love Lies A-bleeding.nwc
Lull Me Beyond Thee.nwc
Mad Robin.nwc
Mage On A Cree.nwc
Maid In The Moon (All In A Garden Green).nwc
Maid Peeped Out At The Window.nwc
Maiden Lane.nwc
Maiden's Blush.nwc
Maid's Morris.nwc
Mall Peatly.nwc
Mary And Dorothy.nwc
Melancholy Martin.nwc
Merry Merry Milkmaids.nwc
Merry Conceit.nwc
Mill Field.nwc
Miss Sayer's Allemand.nwc
Mock Hobby Horse.nwc
Morpeth Lasses.nwc
Mr Beveridge's Maggot.nwc
Mr Englefield's New Hornpipe (The Cobbler's Hoprnpipe).nwc
Mr Isaac's Maggot.nwc
Mulberry Garden.nwc
My Lady Foster's Delight.nwc
My Lady's Courant.nwc
My Lord Byron's Maggot.nwc
Nancy's Fancy.nwc
Never Love Thee More.nwc
New Bo Peep (Pickadilla).nwc
New Figary.nwc
Night Piece.nwc
Nobody's Jig.nwc
Not In Town.nwc
Nowill Hill.nwc
Oak Leaves.nwc
Old Mole.nwc
Old Noll's Jig.nwc
Oranges And Lemons.nwc
Orleans Baffled.nwc
Over The Hills To Glory.nwc
Parson's Farewell.nwc
Pepper's Black (Kettledrum).nwc
Picking Up Sticks.nwc
Pool's Hole.nwc
Pop Goes The Weasel.nwc
Prince Rupert's March.nwc
Put On Thy Smock On A Monday.nwc
Putney Ferry.nwc
Queen's Birthday The.nwc
Queen's Jig The.nwc
Ribbon Dance.nwc
Rose Is White Rose Is Red.nwc
Round The.nwc
Round O.nwc
Row Well Ye Mariners.nwc
Rufty Tufty.nwc
Sage Leaf.nwc
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning.nwc
Scotch Cap.nwc
Sellenger's Round.nwc
Shepherd's Daughter.nwc
Shepherd's Holiday.nwc
Siege Of Limerick.nwc
Sion House.nwc
Slaughter House.nwc
Speed The Plough.nwc
Spring Garden.nwc
St Martin's.nwc
Staines Morris.nwc
Step Stately (Jack Pudding).nwc
Sweet Kate.nwc
Temple Change The (Cockle Shells).nwc
Ten Pound Lass.nwc
The Banks Of Allan.nwc
The Slip.nwc
The Whim.nwc
Three Meet.nwc
Tink A Tink.nwc
Touch And Take.nwc
Trip To Kilburn A (Black And Grey).nwc
Twenty -ninth Of May.nwc
Up Goes Ely.nwc
Up Tails All.nwc
Up With Aily.nwc
Upon A Summer's Day.nwc
We Won't Go Home Till Morning.nwc
Winifred's Knot (Open The Door).nwc
Wish The.nwc

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