Lewes Favorites

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Basket Hornpipe.nwc
Black Nag.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille.nwc
Blue Eyed Stranger.nwc
Bluebell Polka.nwc
Bonny Kate.nwc
Boys of Oakhill.nwc
Boys of School Hill.nwc
Brighton Camp.NWC
Brothers in York.nwc
Buttered Peas.NWC
Captain Lanoe's Quick March.nwc
Captain O'Cain.nwc
Captain White.nwc
Clee Hill.nwc
Cochin China.NWC
Curly-headed Ploughboy.NWC
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue.nwc
Dashing White Sergent.nwc
Davy Davy Knickknack.nwc
Dingle Regatta.nwc
Donkey Riding.nwc
Double Lead Through.nwc
Down with the French.nwc
Fairy Dance.nwc
Family Jig.NWC
Fiery Clockface.nwc
Flowers of Edinburgh.NWC
Foul Weather Call.nwc
French Assembly.nwc
From Night Till Morn.nwc
Gary Owen.nwc
George Green's Slow (College) Hornpipe.nwc
Girl with the Red (Blue) Dress on.nwc
Grandfather's Dance.NWC
Grandmother's Dance.NWC
Harper's Frolic.NWC
Harry Cox's.nwc
Haste to the Wedding.NWC
Heel and Toe Polka (12345).NWC
Hot Punch.nwc
Hunt the Squirrel.nwc
Huntsmans Chorus.NWC
I Wish They'd Do It Now.nwc
Indian Queen.nwc
Jack Come Kiss Me Now.nwc
Jacky Tar.nwc
Jamie Allen.nwc
Jenny Lind.NWC
Johnny Micky Barry.nwc
Keel Row.nwc
King of the Cannibal Islands (Hardy).nwc
La Russe.NWC
Lady Anne Hope's Reel.NWC
Lemmy Brazil's No 1.NWC
Lemmy Brazil's No 2.NWC
Lemonville Jig.NWC
Litchfield Tattoo.nwc
Maggie in the Wood.nwc
Marmalade polka.nwc
Michael Turner's Jig.nwc
Michael Turner's Waltz.NWC
Moll of the Wood.nwc
Monk's March.nwc
Morgan Ratler.nwc
Morpeth Rant.nwc
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet.nwc
Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose.nwc
Nelly's Hat.nwc
New Moon.nwc
New Rigged Ship.nwc
New Sylph.NWC
News of the Victory.nwc
Nutley Waltz.nwc
Off She Goes.nwc
Off To California.nwc
Old Rosin the Beau.nwc
Over The Hills & Far Away.nwc
Oyster Girl.nwc
Paddy Carrey.NWC
Parson's Farewell.nwc
Perfect Cure.nwc
Pretty Maggie Morrisey.nwc
Princess Royal.nwc
Professor Blackie.nwc
Rakes of Mallow.NWC
Redesdale Hornpipe.nwc
Rink a Tink.nwc
Rochdale Coconut Dance.NWC
Rogue's March.nwc
Rose Tree.nwc
Salmon Tails.nwc
Scan Tester's No 1.NWC
Scan Tester's No 2.NWC
Scan Tester's Schottische No. 2.nwc
Sherborne Waltz.NWC
Smash the Windows.nwc
Soldier's Joy.NWC
Speed the plough.nwc
St Anne's Reel.nwc
Star of the County Down.NWC
Steamboat Hornpipe.nwc
Sussex Bonny Breast Knot.nwc
Sweets of May.NWC
Tarpaulin Jacket.NWC
The Foggy Dew.NWC
The Kingston Hornpipe.nwc
The Man in the Moon.nwc
The Quaker.nwc
The Sloe.NWC
The Tank.NWC
The Weaver's March.NWC
Three Around Three.nwc
Tink a Tink.nwc
Tip Top Polka.nwc
Tipsy Parson.nwc
Trip to Brighton.nwc
Trumpet Hornpipe.nwc
Uncle Bernard's.nwc
Uncle's Jig.NWC
Untitled Polka.nwc
Walter Bulwer's No 1.NWC
Walter Bulwer's No 2.NWC
Waterloo Dance.nwc
Welch Family Jig.nwc
Welch's Four Part Polka.nwc
Winster Gallop.NWC
Woodland Revels.NWC

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