Traditional English Music 1

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A Bagpipe Hornpipe.nwc
A Bagpipe Hornpipe 2.nwc
A Hornpipe By C Smith.nwc
A Lancashire Hornpipe.nwc
A North Country Frisk (Re-tune Aeae Play As Written).nwc
A Northern Frisk.nwc
Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance.nwc
Aboot The Bush Willy.nwc
Abram Circle.nwc
Aiken Drum.nwc
All Around My Hat.nwc
All Around My Hat.txt
All Hands Upon Deck.nwc
All The Night I Lay Awake.nwc
Altrincham Round.nwc
Andrew Carr.nwc
Bear Dance.nwc
Because He Was A Bonny Lass.nwc
Berwick Jockey.nwc
Black And The Grey The.nwc
Black Mary's Hornpipe.nwc
Blackberry Quadrille.nwc
Blackett O' Wylam.nwc
Black's Hornpipe.nwc
Bladon Races.nwc
Blanchland Races.nwc
Blarney Pilgrim.nwc
Blaw The Wind Southerly.nwc
Bobbing Joan.nwc
Bobby Shaftoe.nwc
Bonnets So Blue.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 2.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 3.nwc
Bonnets So Blue 4.nwc
Bonny Breast Knot.nwc
Bonny Breast Knot (Devon).nwc
Bonny Breast Knot 2.nwc
Bonny Green Garters.nwc
Bonny Kate.nwc
Bonny Pit Laddie.nwc
Boys Of Bluehill.nwc
Boys Of Bluehill 2.nwc
Brighton Camp.nwc
British Grenadiers.nwc
British Grenadiers 2.nwc
Broken-legged Chicken The.nwc
Butcher's Hornpipe.nwc
Buttered Peas.nwc
Canny Hobbie Elliot.nwc
Carpenter's Morris.nwc
Chalk's Hornpipe.nwc
Chelmsford Races.nwc
Chelmsford Races 2.nwc
Cherish The Ladies.nwc
Cherish The Ladies 2.nwc
Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe.nwc
Cheshire Round (Duet).nwc
Cheshire Round 1st Setting.nwc
Cheshire Round 2nd Setting.nwc
Cheshire Round 3rd Setting.nwc
Chevy Chase.nwc
Chip And Rant.nwc
Circle Around.nwc
Circle Around 2.nwc
Clap Dance (Miss Mcleod).nwc
Clark's Hornpipe.nwc
Cock Of The North.nwc
Cockle Geordie.nwc
Coffee And Tea.nwc
Constant Billy.nwc
Cooper O' Stannerton Heugh The.nwc
Corn Rigs.nwc
Corn Rigs 2.nwc
Cornish Quickstep.nwc
Cornish Quickstep 2.nwc
Cuckold Come Out O' The Amrey.nwc
Cuddy Clauder.nwc
Cut And Dry Dolly.nwc
Daniel Wright's Hornpipe.nwc
Denis Murphy's.nwc
Dingle Regatta.nwc
Dorrington Lads.nwc
Dorset Four Hand Reel.nwc
Dorset Four-hand Reel.nwc
Downfall Of The Gin.nwc
Drink To Me Only.nwc
Drink To Me Only.txt
Drops Of Brandy.nwc
Drowsy Maggie.nwc
Drucken Moll Knox.nwc
Durham Old Women.nwc
Durham Rangers.nwc
Early One Morning.nwc
Early One Morning.txt
Esquire Lessar.nwc
Fair Maid Of Whickham The.nwc
Fairly Shot Of Her .nwc
Felton Lonnin.nwc
Fenwick O Bywell.nwc
Fieldtown Processional.nwc
Fiery Clock Fyece.nwc
Fiery Clock Fyece 2.nwc
Fiery Clockface.nwc
Fisher's Hornpipe.nwc
Flat Cap 1st Setting.nwc
Flat Cap 2nd Setting.nwc
Follow Her Over The Border.nwc
Fortune My Foe.nwc
Foxhunters Jig.nwc
George King's Hornpipe 1st Setting.nwc
George King's Hornpipe 2nd Setting.nwc
Girl With The Blue Dress On.nwc
Gisburn Processional.nwc
Go To Berwick Johnnie.nwc
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen.nwc
God Save The King.nwc
God Save The King 2.nwc
Good Christian Men Rejoice.nwc
Goodman's Fields Hornpipe.nwc
Grand Old Duke Of York.nwc
Green Brechans O Branton The.nwc
Greensleeves 2.nwc
Greensleeves 2 2.txt
Greensleeves 3.nwc
Greensleeves 3 3.txt
Harvest Home.nwc
Haste To The Wedding.nwc
Haste To The Wedding (Rory O'more).nwc
Haste To The Wedding 2.nwc
Heart's Ease Or Saturday Night Hornpipe.nwc
Hector Of Edgeworth's Hornpipe.nwc
Hen's March The.nwc
Here's The Tender Coming.nwc
Hexham Quadrille.nwc
Hexham Quadrille 2.nwc
Hexham Races.nwc
Hexham Races 2.nwc
Hoop And Gird Her.nwc
Horn Dance (Well Maybe).nwc
Huckle And Buff.nwc
Hunt The Squirrel.nwc
Hunt The Squirrel 2.nwc
Huntsman's Chorus.nwc
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.nwc
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 2.nwc
I Gave My Love A Cherry.nwc
I Gave My Love A Cherry.txt
I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me.nwc
I'll Have Her In Spite Of Her Minnie.nwc
J B Milne.nwc
J B Milne.nwc
Jack Franklan's Hornpipe.nwc
Jack Gorton's Hornpipe.nwc
Jack Warrel's Hornpipe.nwc
Jacky Layton.nwc
Jockey Lay Up In The Hay Loft.nwc
Jockey Stays Lang At The Fair.nwc
Jockey To The Fair.nwc
John Of The Greeny Cheshire Way.nwc
John Ryan's.nwc
King Of The Fairies.nwc
Knick-knack 2.nwc
Knick-knack 3.nwc
Lamshaws Fancy.nwc
Lang Stayed Away.nwc
Lannigan's Ball.nwc

Leaving Of Liverpool.nwc
Leaving Of Liverpool.txt
Leazes Hopping.nwc
Levi Jackson.nwc
Liberty Bell.nwc
Liberty Bell 2.nwc
Liberty For The Sailors.nwc
Little Fishie.nwc
Little Wot Ye Wha's Coming.nwc
Liverpool Hornpipe.nwc
Louis Waltz.nwc
Madam Cabrin's Hornpipe.nwc
Madness !.nwc
Major The.nwc
Maple Sugar.nwc
Marmaduke's Hornpipe.nwc
Marsden's Hornpipe.nwc
Mason's Apron.nwc
May Day (Miss Mcleod's Reel).nwc
Mcelroy's Fancy.nwc
Mcquillen's March.nwc
Mcquillen's Squeezebox.nwc
Mcquillen's Squeezebox 2.nwc
Meggy's Foot.nwc
Merry Blacksmith.nwc
Merrydale Romp.nwc
Mile To Ride A.nwc
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe.nwc
Mitford Galloway.nwc
Morecambe Bay.nwc
Morecambe Bay 2.nwc
Morpeth Lasses.nwc
Morpeth Rant.nwc
Mr Farrer's Hornpipe.nwc
Mr Key's Hornpipe.nwc
Mr Preston's Hornpipe 1st Setting.nwc
Mr Preston's Hornpipe 2nd Setting.nwc
My Darling Asleep.nwc
My Deary Sits Ower Up Late.nwc
Navvie On The Line.nwc
New Highland Laddie.nwc
New Stepney.nwc
New York The New Way.nwc
Newburn Lads.nwc
Noble Squire Dacre.nwc
Northern Jig.nwc
Off She Goes.nwc
Oh No John.nwc
Oh No John.txt
Old Lancashire Hornpipe 1st Setting.nwc
Old Lancashire Hornpipe 2nd Setting.nwc
Once I Had A Sweetheart.nwc
Once I Had A Sweetheart.txt
Ower The Border.nwc
Peacocks Fancy.nwc
Peacocks March.nwc
Peacocks Tune.nwc
Pecket's Hornpipe.nwc
Pipers Maggot.nwc
Primrose Polka.nwc
Prince Rupert's March( John Playford).nwc
Princess Royal.nwc
Princess Royal 2.nwc
Punchanello's Hornpipe Or The Three Rusty Swords.nwc
Rakes Of Mallow.nwc
Rakes Of Marlow.nwc
Rattling Bog.nwc
Red Leciester.nwc
Red Leciester 2.nwc
Redesdale Hornpipe.nwc
Rodney's Glory.nwc
Rope Waltz.nwc
Rosin The Beau.nwc
Saddle The Pony.nwc
Saddle The Pony 2.nwc
Sailors Are All At The Bar.nwc
Salmon Tails Up The Water.nwc
Salmon Tails Up The Water 2.nwc
Sandhill Corner.nwc
Scan Tester's Schottische No 2.nwc
Scarborough Fair.nwc
Scarborough Fair.txt
Scarborough Fair 2.nwc
Scarborough Fair 2 2.txt
Shew Us The Way To Wallington.nwc
Shropshire Round (Duet).nwc
Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Amang Them All.nwc
Slap And Kiss.nwc
Small Coals An' Little Money.nwc
Spinnning Jenny.nwc
St Anne's Reel.nwc
St Anne's Reel 2.nwc
St Anne's Reel.nwc
Stagshaw Bank Fair.nwc
Staten Island.nwc
Stay A Wee Bit Bonnie Lad.nwc
Sunderland Lasses.nwc
Swedish Masquerade.nwc
Sweets Of May.nwc
Tenpenny Bit.nwc
The Berkeley Wassail.nwc
The Berkeley Wassail 2.nwc
The Berkeley Wassail 3.nwc
The Berkeley Wassail 4.nwc
The Berkeley Wassail 4 4.txt
The Black Cock O' Whickham.nwc
The British Grenadiers.nwc
The Broosom Hornpipe 1st Setting (Re-tune Aeae Play As Written).nwc
The Broosom Hornpipe 2nd Setting (Re-tune Aeae Play As Written).nwc
The Butterfly A North Country Tune.nwc
The Circle Dance From Abram.nwc
The Dusty Miller.nwc
The Famous Derbyshire Hornpipe.nwc
The Green Man Hornpipe.nwc
The High Level.nwc
The Hole In The Wall.nwc
The Holey Halfpenny.nwc
The Keelman Ower Land.nwc
The King Of The Fairies.nwc
The Lads Of Anwick.nwc
The Lark In The Morning.nwc
The London Hornpipe.nwc
The Lonsdale Or Lon Sclater Hornpipe (Re-tune Adae Play As Written).nwc
The Manchester Hornpipe.nwc
The Miller's Wife Of Blaydon.nwc
The Mole Catcher's Hornpipe.nwc
The New White Hart Hornpipe.nwc
The Old Haile Hornpipe.nwc
The Old Spand Hornpipe.nwc
The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly.nwc
The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly.txt
The Oldham Rowling Hornpipe.nwc
The Parks O' Yester.nwc
The Peacock Followed The Hen.nwc
The Plymouth Hornpipe.nwc
The Presbyterian Hornpipe.nwc
The Rake's Hornpipe.nwc
The Red Lion Hornpipe.nwc
The Rochester Bridge Hornpipe.nwc
The Rolling Hornpipe.nwc
The Scholar.nwc
The Spotland Hornpipe.nwc
The Sprite's Tune.nwc
The Sunderland Hornpipe.nwc
The Tew Hornpipe.nwc
The Waterman's Dance.nwc
The Weaver's Hornpipe.nwc
The Wedding O' Blyth.nwc
The Welsh Hornpipe.nwc
The White Hart.nwc
The Yellow Joak.nwc
Thomas Marsden's Hornpipe.nwc
Three Case Knives.nwc
Till The Tide Comes In.nwc
Tom Mellin's Hornpipe.nwc
We'll All Away To Sunniside.nwc
Wheatley Processional.nwc
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel.nwc
Winster Gallop.nwc
Winster Galop.nwc
Winster Processional.nwc
Woodland Revels.nwc
Wright's Hornpipe.nwc
Wylam Away.nwc
York Fuziliers.nwc
Young Spaud's Hornpipe.nwc

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