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" Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Brady come down on Gabriel car, Kickin' out windows and knockin' out doors, Tryin' to play even with Diamond Joe! Been on a jolly so long!
" (Follows a thrilling account of his adventures, but I can get no details); then:
" Brady, Brady was a big fat man; Doctor caught hold of Brady's hand, Felt of his pulse and shook his head. 'I believe to my soul old Brady's dead!' Been on a jolly so long!
" Soon's the women heard Brady was dead They went straight home and dressed in red. Came a-skippin' and toddlin' along, 'Cause they's glad old Brady was gone. Been on a jolly so long!
"It is easy to see that Diamond Joe had the ladies with him in the unfortunate affair. 'Women' is not the word actually used in the song." Louise Garwood, of Houston, contributes a version of this song:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Brady came home on a cable car. Well, he was drunk and out of sight,
Had n't been sober in many a night,
Mr. Duncan was a heap big squaw;
Met Big Jim and he had a taw. Well, he carried him down to the colored saloon,
Gonna kill himself a very heavy-set coon.
Mr. Duncan was behind the bar,
When in walked Brady with a shining star; Cried, "Duncan, Duncan, you are under arrest!"
An' Duncan put a bullet in Brady's breast.
Brady fell down on the barroom floor;
Cried, "Please, Mr. Duncan, don't you shoot no more!" The women cried, * Oh, ain't it a shame,
He's shot King Brady gonna shoot him again!"

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