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I says to Mister Boll Weevil, "What you doin' thar? The last time I seed you, You wuz set tin' on a squah,
Just huntin' you a home,
Just huntin' you a home."
Another version is given by Louise Garwood, of Houston, Texas.
Oh, have you heard de latest,
De latest all yore own?
All about de Boll Weevil
Whut caused me to lose mah home?
First time ah saw de Boll Weevil He was settin' on de squah. Next time ah saw dat Weevil He was settin' everywhah,
Jes' a-lookin' foh a home, lookin' foh a home!
Fahmah say to de Weevil, "Whut makes yore head so red?" Weevil say to de fahmah, "It's a wondah ah ain't dead,
Lookin' foh a home, lookin' foh a home!"
Nigger say to de Weevil,
"Ah'll throw you in de hot sand."
Weevil say to de nigger,
"Ah'll stand hit lak a man.
Ah'll have a home, ah'll have a home!"
Says de Captain to de Mistis, "Whut do you think ob dat? Dis Boll Weevil done make a nes' Inside mah Sunday hat;
He'll have a home, he'll have a home!"
Ef you wanta kill de Boll Weevil
You betta staht in time.
Use a little sugar
An' lots o' turpentine,
An' he'll be dead, an' he'll be dead!
Mrs. Henry Simpson, of Dallas, Texas, remembers this version as she heard it sung by the workers on a plantation in the Brazos Bottom. Most of the stanzas conform generally to other versions, but these two are different:

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