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A detailed study of Negro folk music, includes lyrics & sheet music samples.

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four toes on the hind foot and three on the front one. Through a long period of development, the present day one-toed horse descended from this many-toed primitive horse. There is certainty of the line of descent of the horse because all the connect­ing links have been discovered in fossil form, be­tween the primitive horse and the present day horse. Plants in like manner show all kinds of connecting links.
The law holds sway in the world of language; and that is the world with which we are concerned here. The state of Louisiana once belonged to the French; now it belongs to an English-speaking peo­ple. If one goes among the Creoles in Louisiana he will find a very few who speak almost Parisian French and very poor English. Then he will find a very large number who speak a pure English and a very poor French. Between these classes he will find those speaking all grades of French and English. These last mentioned are the connecting links, and the connecting links bespeak a line of evolution where those of French descent are gradually passing over to a class which will finally speak the English language exclusively.
Now let us turn our attention again directly to the discussion of the evolution of Negro Folk

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