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318                  MUSIC OF THE WATERS.
effort of the men engaged in the work. The five lines at the commencement, called Pnwha or Hari, are sung by a single voice, to prepare the labourers for pulling, and the lines which follow the Puwha are sung alternately, solo and tutti, the labourers always responding in chorus to the singing of the leader, and hauling the boat at the same instant all together :—
Solo.—" Pull, Tainui, pull the Arawa, To launch them on the ocean. Surely glanced the bolt Of thunder, falling hitherward, On my sacred day. The Kiwi cries Chorus.—Kiwi.
Solo.—The Moho cries Chorus.—Moho.
Solo.—The Tieke cries Chorus.—Tieke.
Solo.—A belly only, Chorus.—Fork it out, fork it out !
Solo.—Keep in the path, Chorus.—Fork it out !
It's the second year to-day, Cheerily, men ! It's the man-catcher, Cheerily, men! Give this way, and carry it, Cheerily, men ! But whither carry it ? Cheerily, men ! Ah ! to the root, Root of Tu. Solo.—O wind, Chorus.—Pull away.
Solo.—Pull onwards the root, Chorus.—Root of Tu." Kiwi, Moho, and Tieke are names of birds.

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