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306              Music of the Waters.
Indian Version.
Taza b-taza-no-b-no, Mootrel b-koosh iiewar bego Taza b-taza-no-b-no, Bur zai hiaat bziada-oo, Taza b-taza-no-b-no.
Jillee millee paronee-ah Ja men (ne) nudea.
English Version.
Fresh and fresh and new and new, Oh morning breeze ! in passing o'er
that fairy's village, Carry to her the compliments of Hafiz, Fresh and fresh and new and new.
Freely now is the time to go and bathe, Jump into the river hand in hand.
The words of the " Bhiertpoor Dirge/' which follow, are Bengalese; and the air to which they are set, although of a very plaintive nature, is a great favourite with the Indian boatmen.
Indian Version. ' Kyoo Durzun LSI se, Holi Kelenkoayah Lai (Sahib), l'ytchparri ka bia bun golee topee
layah. Kung ahur Kloon se bunnia ah. Ai Durzun Lai koomeer ab ayah, Holi Kelen ko ayah Lai (Sahib)."
English Version. " Say to Durzun Lai, That the Lord Sahib has arrived, To play holi with him. For squirts, he has brought Mortars and guns ; For yellow dye and red powder, He will have blood. Ah ! Durzun Lai, the alligator has
arrived, The Lord Sahib has come to play
The waters of the Brahmaputra are so shallow, owing to the sand banks, that the leadsmen are bound to plumb

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