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178              Music of the Waters.
E va gridando, Con allegria, Santa Lucia ! Santa Lucia !
O dolce Napoli, O tuol beato, Ave sorridere, Voile il create Tu sei 1' impeso, Dell' armonia, Santa Lucia ! Santa Lucia !
While gaily ringing Sweet voices singing, Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia !
Naples the fairest, Thy shores perfuming, Earth's flowers the fairest Ever are blooming. Where gaily ringing Sweet voices singing Santa Lucia ! Santa Lucia !
The following charming song is well known as a boatman's favourite ; it is " The Amalfi Boatmen's Serenade " :—
LA FATA DI AMALFI. Italian Version. Chiagnaro-rd la la mia sventura Si non tuorne chiii, Rosella ! Tu d' Amalfi la chiu bella, Tuna Fata si peme ! Viene vie, regina mia ; Viene, curre a chi-sto core, ca
c' e, Non c' e no sciore, Non c' e Stella comm' a te !
Co chi parlo ? Ahi sconsolato ! Addo sta la rosa mia ? S' e sfrunnata pe la via, E chiii addore non me da ! No signore la vedette, So tre mise ch' e scappata ; Ma co tutto ch' e na sgrata Non la pozzo io maie scorda !
THE FAIRY OF AMALFI. English Version. I'll bewail my misfortune If thou returnest not, Rosella ! Thou, the fairest of Amalfi, Art indeed a fairy to me. Come, come my queen, Come fly to this heart ; There is no flow'r to compare with
thee, Nor a star like as thou art!
With whom do I speak? Alas ! dis­consolate, Where is my rose to be found ? It has been plucked by the way, Its odour no longer floats round. Won by the gaze of a master, It is three months now since she fled ; But although thus cruel to me .Her memory is not dead.
When on every morning early, I with my boat to Naples go ; It seems to me that she'll be waiting, To put her hand in mine—just so ! Then when the sky is darkened, And I to the fishing must be, Even amongst the waves of the ocean That woman appears to me !
And when returning to the cottage, I salute the pretty thing, And the usual canzonetta Beneath her balcony sing : Come, come, thou art the star, Thou of Amalfi art the fairy ; But the rose is now culled, And of loving her I must be chary.
La matina che pe tiempo, Vaco a Napole mbarchetta, Pare tanno che m' aspetta E la mano me vo da ! Quanno po lo cielo scura, Ed io vaco pe piscare, Miezo a 1' onne de lo mare, Veco pure che sta la !
E turnanno, a la capanna, La saluto a lo barcone, E la solita canzona Taco tanno pe canta : Viene vie, turi na Stella, Vu d' Amalfi si la fata ; Ma la rosa s' e sfrunnata, Ed io 1' aggio da scorda !

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