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Sidles, Martin
Danbury, Conn., Aug. 15, 1898; d. Rego Park, N.Y., May 30, 1947. ASCAP 1946. Educ: Danbury, Yonkers, and Philadelphia parochial schools. In Music with Christian A. Praetorius. Advanced studies har­mony, theory, and orchestration. Largely self-taught in music. Active in school Glee Club and plays. Long associated with late Ben Bernie as arranger. After short experience as staff arranger with New York pub­lishing house, entered Navy, World War I. After war, organized orchestra, playing vaudeville theaters. With or­chestra in radio network programs and as recording unit. Was secretary of own publishing house. Considered one of originators of modem orches­tration. Works: Mood music for radio and motion pictures; modern ar-ungements of: "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"; "Old Oaken Bucket"; "Love's Old Sweet Song"; "Song of India." Created special music for radio and motion pictures. Address: Estate, c/o ASCAP.
Sizemore, Arthur, composer, pub­lisher; b. Marion, 111., Feb. 5, 1891. ASCAP 1921. Of musical parentage, pianist from childhood. Began com­position at fourteen. As musician, traveled with theatrical companies and became publisher of own songs. In 1912 joined professional staff Chi­cago music publishing house, and has since been active in publishing and composition. Songs: "Rose"; "By the Light of the Stars ; "Too Tired'; "After the Rain"; "So Tired"; "Right or Wrong"; "Mississippi Shore." Home: 4917 N. Kostner Ave., Chi­cago 30, 111.
Skeath, Harold R., author; b. Ma-hanoy City, Pa., May 3, 1899; d. Los Angeles, Calif. March 17, 1942. ASCAP 1940. Became professional music teacher. Songs: "The Rose and the Butterfly"; "In the High Hills"; "Had I But Wings"; "Harbor"; "The
Bugle Blows"; "House on a Hillside"; ^Melody of My Love"; "Desert Trail"; "Rise Men Courageous." Address: Es­tate, c/o ASCAP.
Skidmore, Will E., composer, author, publisher; b. Little Rock, Ark., April 9, 1880. ASCAP 1935. Educ.: Little Rock public schools. Worked in father's music store. A natural pianist. Toured U.S. as pianist and calliopist with Exposition Shows. Started writ­ing songs at early age. To Kansas City, Mo., with music publishing house as composer. To New York; organized own music publishing company. Sold business; to El Paso, Texas, for health. Songs: "I'm Gonna Ease Back (To My Happy Home)"; "Bug House Rag ; "Dustin' Rag"; "Pray For the Lights to Go Out"; ^It Takes A Long Tall Brown Skin Gal (To Make A Preacher Lay His Bible Down)"; "Somebody's Don' Me Wrong"; "Nobody's Business (What I Do When My Preachin's Thru)"; "When I Get Out in No Man's Land"; "Them Doggon-d Triflin Blues"; "You Can't Get No Lovin Where There Ain't Any Love"; "Never Let No One Man Worry Your Mind"; "On the Ozark Trail (That's Where They Shot Him)"; "Down Where the Rajahs Dwell"; "Please Don't Take My Harem Away"; "Hold 'Er Deacon"; "Them Has-Been Blues"; "Now the Mountains Will See Her Face No More." His Deacon Song Series used by vaudeville artists. Home: El Paso, Texas. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Sidles, Marlin, composer; b. Harris-burg, Pa., Dec. 17, 1906. ASCAP 1946. Educ.: Harrisburg Technical High School; Froehlich School of Music, Harrisburg; in music with Dr. Ernst Toch, Los Angeles. At seven­teen became pianist for popular dance orchestras. Self-taught as arranger. Musical director, pianist and arranger for Paul Whiteman, Irving Aaronson,

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