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Campbell-Watson, Frank
Birch Canoe and You"; "Mammy's Lullaby"; "When I Came Home to You \ "Drowsy Baby"; "In the After-glow"; "The Gateway of Dreams"; "Ringlets"; "Twilight Brings You Back to Me"; "Friends"; "The Story of Old Glory, the Flag We Love ; "God Put a Rose in My Garden"; "Rain and the River"; "God's High­way"; "Father, Hear Us While We Pray." Address: Estate, c/o ASCAP.
Calloway, Cab, composer, author, conductor, recording artist; theater, dance hall, and radio attraction; b. Rochester, N.Y., Dec. 25, 1907. ASCAP 1942. Educ: Baltimore, Md., public schools; Crane Coll., Chicago. Boy soprano, Bethlehem Methodist Church, Baltimore. While law stu­dent, was professional singer with Alabamians under name of Marion Hardy. Singer in stage show, Planta­tion Days, then sang regularly with orchestras before completion of his law course. Organized own orchestra. Works: "Minnie the Moocher"; "Lady with the Fan"; "Zaz Zuh Zaz"; "Jitterbut"; "Weakness"; "Chinese Rhythm"; "Good Sauce from the Gravy Bowl"; "Are You in Love With Me Again?"; "That Man's Here Again"; "Peck-A-Doodle-Doo"; "A Minor Breakdown"; "I Like Music"; "Rustle of Swing"; "Three Swings and Cut"; "The Jumpin' Jive"; "We're Breaking Up a Lovely Affair"; "Chop Chop Charlie Chan"; "Are You Hep to the Jive", "Boogit"; "Come On with the Come-On"; "Do I Care? No! No!"; "Silly Old Moon"; "Sunset"; "Rhapsody in Rhumba"; "Are You All Reet?"; "The Workers' Train"; "Hot Air"; "Hi De Ho Man." Home: New York, N.Y. Address: c/o ASCAP.
Camarata, Salvador ("Toots"), com­poser, author, conductor, recording artist; b. Glen Ridge, N.J., May 11, 1913. ASCAP 1948. Educ.: Verona, N.J., public schools; Juilliard Inst, of Music; composition, Bernard Wage-
naar; conducting, Jos. Littau and Cesare Sodero. Played trumpet with popular orchestras. To England to score motion picture. On return or­ganized own recording company. Works: "Mutiny in the Brass Sec­tion"; "A Man and His Drum"; "Rhumbalero"; "Rhapsody for Saxo­phone"; "Story of the^ Stars"; "What Makes Sammy Run"; "Hollywood Pastime"; "Dixieland Detour"; "The Breeze and I"; "Moonlight Masquer­ade"; "Shoot the Meat Balls to Me, Dominick Boy." Home: 22 Kenwood Road, Tenafly, N.J.
Campbell-Watson, Frank, composer, b. New York, N.Y., Jan. 22, 1898. ASCAP 1947. Educ.: Augustinian Acad., Staten Island, Trinity Chapel Preparatory School, New York; Trin­ity Coll., Hartford, Conn. Studied music with Max Reger, Hans Sitt, Carl Straube, Theodore Spiering, Walter Henry Rothwell and Nicholas J. Elsenheimer. Became an organist at twelve and played in churches in­cluding. St. Edward the Martyr, New York; Dutch Reformed, Mahwah, N.J.; First Presbyterian, Elizabeth, N.J.; First Baptist Church, Ridge-wood, N.J; St. Anthony's Shrine, Nanuet, N.Y.; Immaculate Concep­tion Church, Darlington, N.J. Editor of music publications, the University Society, Inc., New York, 1923-31; editor-in-chief, Standard and Educa­tional Division, Music Publishers Holding Corp., since 1931. Conduc­tor various educational clinics. Mem­ber Amer. Guild of Organists, Amer. Musicological Society. Author of Modern Elementary Harmony, 1930. Works include texts in musical theory and kindred subjects and for orches­tra, chamber groups, organ, and chorus. Works: for organ: Phanto-mesque; CJiant du Nuit; Preludes on Gregorian Themes; for strings: Petite Suite; Fiddlers Four; for band: Cot­ton Moon (overture); Divertimento for Woodwinds; three Masses: AI-

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