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208                  CURIOSITIES OF MUSIC.
The order of " mountain priests " use a few instruments of sound (rather than music) in their wanderings. They have a staff with a copper head, to which are fastened four rings, also of copper, which they shake on uttering certain words in their prayers. They also carry a shell called forano-kai, to which a tube is attached, and which they use as a trumpet. They blow a blast upon this instrument (which in tone resemoles the horn of a cowherd) whenever they see any travellers approaching, as a summons to them to give some charity to the order.*
There also exist several orders of a semi-ecclesi­astical character; among which may be mentioned the society of blind men. One branch of this society gives the following legend as to its origin. Kakekigo, a general much renowned for his valor and supernatural strength, fought under a prince, named Feki, against the famous hero, Joritomo. In a great battle Feki was killed, and Kakekigo taken prisoner. Joritomo, far from desiring to put him to death, sought by every means to attach him to his own army. One day, when he was pressing him very close to enter into his service, upon whatever terms he pleased, the captive general returned him the following resolute answer:—" I was once the faithful servant of a kind master. Now that he is dead no other shall boast of possessing my faith and friendship. I owe even my life to your clemency; and yet such is my misfortune, that I cannot set my eyes on you, but
•Kacmpftr, Hist, of Japan (Pinkertoa), p. 745.

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