Ballads & Songs of Southern Michigan-songbook

A Collection of 200+ traditional songs & variations with commentaries including Lyrics & Sheet music

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480         Ballads and Songs of Michigan
"Joe Bowers," Mr. E. W. Haras and Gernsey manuscript. See Cox, pp. 234-235; Dean, p. 98; Eddy, No. no; and Hudson, pp. 67-68.
"Joe Kimball," Miss Florence Myers.
'7ohn Riley," Mrs. Allan McClellan. See Grcenleaf and Mansfield, pp 182-183, and Mackenzie, pp. 126-127.
"Johnny Sands," Mrs. Charles Cleary, Mrs. Eliza Youngs, Lambertson manu­script, and Gernsey manuscript. See Eddy, No. 24; Kittredge, JAFL, XXIX, 179, note; Ord, p. 93; Perrow, JAFL, XXVIII, 174; and Stout, pp 65-68.
"Jolly Old Roger," Mrs. Ida Nummer Updike, Beldmg. See Flanders and Brown, pp. 171-173, and Delia Young, "The Smgm' Schule," Fol\ Say (Oklahoma Folk-Lore Society, 1929), p 88.
"Jonah and the Whale," Mr. William P. Chester, Detroit.
''Katie's Secret," Mrs. Peter Miller. See Pound, No. 92.
"King Solomon's Temple," Gernsey manuscript. See Mackenzie, pp. 381-383.
"Kitty of Coleraine," Mrs. Dorothy Woodin. See Shoemaker, p. 79, and The Universal hish Song Boo\, p. 185.
"Kitty Wells," Miss Muriel Barr and Mrs. John Lambertson. See Carter, ]AFLt XLVI, 47; Cox, p. 395; Henry, JAFL, XLIV, 79; Pound, No. 94, Shoe­maker, p. 141; and Stout, pp. 80-83.
"Lady Bonaparte's Lamentation," Gernsey manuscript. See Eddy, No. 206.
"Lady Elgin," Mrs. Charles Cleary and Mr. Henry Smith. See Dean, p. 61, Pound, No. 60; and Stout, p. 62.
"Lady Washington's Lamentation," Gernsey manuscript. See Ford's list of Massachusetts broadsides, No. 2919; Jackson, pp. 96-97, and McCarty, I, 219-221.
"The Lakes of Cold Finn," Mr, William Rabidue. See Bulletin, VIII, 9-12; JIFSS, IX, No. 1, 15-16; and O'Conor, pp. 15-16.
"Lanigan's Ball," Mr. B. A. Chickermg. See O'Conor, p. 100; Six Handled and Seventeen Irish Songs and Ballads, p. 89; and Spaeth, Weep Some More, My Lady, p. 222.
"Larry O'Bryne," Gcrnsey manuscript See H L Roth and J. T. Jolley, Wat Ballads and Broadsides of Previous Wars (1779-1795), (1915)* No. 13, and Six Hundred and Seventeen Irish Songs and Ballads, p. 52.
"Lavender Girl," Mrs. Charles Cleary. See The Forget Me Not Songster, p. 201, and Pound, p. 70.
"A Utde Husband," Mr. Charles Muchler.
'The Little Indian Maid," Mrs. Rosabelle Hager, South Boardman.
"Litde Johnny Green," Rowell manuscript. See Cox, p. 469; Eddy, No. 150, Gardner, pp. 206-207; Mackenzie, p. 379; and Stout, pp. 21-22.
"Litde Nell of Narragansett Bay," Mrs. Elmer Jencks and Mr. Henry Smith. See Dean, p. 119; Pound, p. 35; Shoemaker, pp. 138-139; and Spaeth, Weep Some More, My Lady, p. 30.

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