Ballads & Songs of Southern Michigan-songbook

A Collection of 200+ traditional songs & variations with commentaries including Lyrics & Sheet music

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Other Songs Sung in Michigan         479
"Erin's Green Shore," Mrs. Maggie Loughhn. See Greenleaf and Mansfield, pp. 142-143; O'Conor, p. 38, and Thomas, pp. 176-178.
"The Exile of Erin," Mr. A. T. Heikes and Gernsey manuscript See O'Conor, p. 41, and Songs of England and Scotland, II, 299-300.
"The Factor's Garland," Gernsey manuscript. See Bertha McKee Dobie, "Tales and Rhymes of a Texas Household," PTFLS, VI, 56-65, and Flanders and Brown, pp. 81-82.
"Fair Fanny Moore," Miss Ruth Durfee, Ypsilanti. See Cox, p. 441; Flanders and Brown, pp. 58-59; Lomax, pp. 219-221; and Pound, No. 97.
"The False Girl," Mrs. Michael Byrne. See Sheann and Combs, p 12.
"The Farmer's Boy," Mrs. Michael Byrne and Mrs Camellus Heffron, Parnell. See The Ftan\lin Squate Song Collection, VIII, 139; Pound, No. 28; and Stout, pp. 27--28.
"The Fatal Wedding," Mr. Clyde Cooper, Belding See Greenleaf and Mansfield, p. 368; Hudson, pp 57-58; and Pound, No 63.
"The Fellow That Looks Like Me," Mr. Otis Evilsizer. See Mackenzie, pp. 351-352, and Owens, JAFL, XLIX, 239-240.
"The Fisherman's Girl," Gernsey manuscript. See Jackson, pp. 149-150, and Tolman and Eddy, JAFL, XXXV, 367-368
"For Four Score Years We've Flourished," Mr. Henry Smith.
"The Fox and the Grapes," Lambertson manuscript. See Flanders and Brown, p. 247, and The Unwersal Songster, III, 88.
"The Girl Who Chawed Gum," Mr. Clarence Chickering, Beldmg. See Pound, p. 59.
"The Gypsy's Warning," Mrs. John Lambertson, Mrs. Peter Miller, and Tuthill manuscript. See Cox, pp. 439-440; Finger, pp. 116-118; Pound, p. 43; Shoemaker, pp. it 1-112; and Stout, pp. 76-77.
"I Wish I Was Single Again," Mr. George Beishlag, Detroit. See Fuson, pp. 85-86; Mackenzie, pp. 347-348; Perrow, JAFL, XXVIII, 187; Payne, PTFLS, VI, 232-234; and Sandburg, p. 47.
"I'll Be All Smiles Tonight, Love," Mrs. Peter Miller. See Pound, p 39, and Shcarin and Combs, p. 29.
"The Indian Hunter," Gernsey manuscript. See The Shilling Song Boo% (Niagara Falls, i860), p. 57, and Tolman and Eddy, JAFL, XXXV, 375-
"James Bird," Mr. E. W. Hams, Mr. H. Parkes Pinson from Mrs. Mary Ellen Kenyon Baker, Lambertson manuscript, and Gernsey manuscript. See Cox, p. 261; Pound, No. 41; Rickaby, p. 139; and Shoemaker, pp. 164-166.
'The Jealous Sweetheart," Mrs. Charles Muchler. See Shearin and Combs, p. 25.
"Jessie at the Railway Bar," Mrs. Charles Muchler. See Greenleaf and Mans­field, pp. 340-344; Shoemaker, pp. 80-81; and Spaeth, Weep Some More, My Lady, pp. 70-72,
"Jim Blake," Wood manuscript. See Spaeth, Weep Some More, My Lady, pp. X39-X40.

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