Ballads & Songs of Southern Michigan-songbook

A Collection of 200+ traditional songs & variations with commentaries including Lyrics & Sheet music

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478        Ballads and Songs of Michigan
"Brave Wolfe," Gernsey manuscript. See Greenleaf and Mansfield, pp. $6-98, and Mackenzie, pp. 198-200.
"Charles Guiteau," Mr. Fred Buckingham and Mr. Herbert Ross. See Eddy, No. 114; Hudson, pp. 79-80; Pound, No. 65; and Stout- pp. 110-112.
"Colin and Lucy," Lambertson manuscript and Gernsey manuscript See Percy, IE, Book III, 273-275; Ritson, I, 77-80; and George D. Smith, British Ballads, Old and New (London, 1881), II, 42
"Come Home, Father," Mrs. Charles Muchler. See Fuson, p. 144, and Spaeth, Read 'Em and Weep, pp. 64-66.
"The Darling Black Mustache," Mr. John Lambertson and Mrs Edna Nummer Mercer. See Henry, JAFL, XLV, 116-118; Hudson, JAFL, XXXIX, 159-160; Payne, PTFLS, VI, 231-232; and Stout, pp. 85-86.
"The Death of Six Young Persons," Gernsey manuscript; a local song of the drowning of three young men and three young women.
"The Diary [sic] Farmer," Tuthill manuscript.
"The Doctor and Clara," Gernsey manuscript; a local song of a young doctor in Buffalo and a girl who went to Presque Isle, both of whom "altered their minds."
"The Dreary Black Hills," Rowell manuscript. See Sandburg, pp. 264-265, and Shoemaker, pp. 179-180.
"The Drowned Lover," Lambertson manuscript See Ritson, I, 73-74.
"A Drunkard's Child," Miss Ruth Hershman, Detroit, and Mrs. Charles Muchler.
"The Drunkard's Doom," Miss Ruth Barnes and Mrs. Charles Muchler See Cox, p. 403; Lomax and Lomax, pp 174-175; Sandburg, pp. 104-105; and Tolman and Eddy, JAFL, XXXV, 424-425.
"The Drunkard's Dream," Miss Mabel Tuggle and Rowell manuscript. See Allsopp, II, 210-211; Eddy, No. 84; Greenleaf and Mansfield, pp. 151-152; O'Conor, p. 67; and Shearin and Combs, p. 33.
"The Drunkard's Lone Child," Mrs Peter Miller and Gernsey manuscript. See Pound, p. 36, and Stout, pp. 122-124.
"Dublin Bay," Miss Ranetta Frays, Ypsilanti, and Mrs. Martha Pennock, Alger. See The Franklin Square Song Collection, IV, 118; O'Conor, p. 156; and Pound, p. 42.
"The Dying Californian," Miss Muriel Barr. See Cox, pp. 232-233, and Kit-tredge, JAFL, XXXV, 365, note.
"The Dying Hobo," three texts obtained by Mrs. Lillian Arnmerman from colored boys. See Cox, p. 252; Finger, pp. 104-107; Gray, pp. 102-103; and W. P. Webb, "Miscellany of Texas Folk-Lore," PTFLS, II, 40-41.
"The Dying Nun," Mrs. Peter Miller and TuthiU manuscript See Shearin and Combs, p. 32.
*The Dying Soldier," Rowell manuscript Cf. Cox, p. 263; Finger, pp. 170-173; and Lomax, pp. 214-218.

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