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A simplified self learning system for the Mandolin with tuning instruction, song folio, chord diagrams, sheet music and PDF for printing. By ZARH MYRON BICKFORD

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The earnest student who has given careful attention to the important principles
laid down in this book will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental
principles of mandolin playing and of the study of music in its elementary stage. This
is but the beginning, however, and the careful and conscientious study of the three remain-
ing volumes of the Method is urged, these fundamental principles meanwhile being con-
stantly kept in mind and the material in this volume, both music and text, occasionally
The Second Book contains further elaborate explanations and illustrations of
the Grace Note, a very complete explanation of Syncopation and just how to play it. Par-
ticular attention is also given to the subject of Popular Music and its proper rendition.
The important study of Phrasing and Expression is thoroughly covered in a novel manner,
as are also the Abbreviations and short cuts used in modern music. Various intricate
strokes of the pick, such as crossing strings with an up stroke, etc.,are explained, with
many examples. The subject of Positions is approached in an entirely new and interest-
ing manner,the second and third positions and the proper method of shifting being
thoroughly covered.
A number of famous Violin Studies (some of them with original second mando-
lin or guitar parts added), together with many excerpts from the classics, are included,
the author believing that the general musical taste and a familiarity with the best in musi-
cal literature should be cultivated at an early stage of progress.
Special attention is also given to the study of those keys having several flats,
since this has been a neglected part of the mandolinist's education.
Chord tremolo is also thoroughly covered.
The Third Book covers most of the remaining keys and positions not previously in-
troduced, together with all of the further ornaments used in music
"Duo Playing" is also thoroughly explained and illustrated, in its various styles ,
with the most minute directions for its complete mastery.
Many famous classics, never before set for the mandolin, are included,together with
helpful hints and suggestions for the general musical and technical development.
The Fourth Book contains the last word in musical and technical development,
so far as the study of the mandolin is concerned, and brings out its very highest artistic
possibilities, as well as those of the performer.
Right and Left Hand Harmonics are thoroughly explained and the technical re-
sources of the instrument, in so far as practical musical results are concerned,are practi-
cally exhausted. Special instructions for arranging music for the mandolin,particularly
as regards the adapting of harmony and chords to a melody, are given,together with count-
less hints as to interpretation, orchestral and solo playing and general useful and practi-
cal information.
Movements from several famous Violin Concertos and other important works are
included,together with excerpts from the works of Paganini,Ries,Tschaikowsky and
In conclusion, the author desires to bespeak as careful, conscientious and system-
atic a study of the remaining Volumes as he feels sure has been given to this.
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