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A simplified self learning system for the Mandolin with tuning instruction, song folio, chord diagrams, sheet music and PDF for printing. By ZARH MYRON BICKFORD

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When to Tremolo Quarter Notes (continued)                              55
ble, and indeed should be one of the chief ambitions of a performer, to play legato when using single
strokes. For the purpose of forming correct habits, when quarter notes are to be played with single
strokes in this work, they will be so marked in the first few measures, the absence of the stroke
marks, especially if it is a legato passage and the tempo admits of it, indicating that the tremolo
is to be used.
A Suggestion
While the mechanical process used in making- the tremolo is practically the same as that em -
ployed in playing rapid single notes or strokes, It is necessary to get a different "feeling" or view-
point. When single notes are played to each stroke of the pick, there is a certain mental impulse
given to each note, since each stroke has a definite duty to perform in the rhythmical make-up of
the measure. In the tremolo, however, the feeling must be more as though a velvet-covered pick
were being used and the string gently rubbed or perhaps lightly polished. This feeling or men -
tal picture will assist in making a smooth, even and continuous movement of the hand and con -
sequently, the sustained tone from the string which is the object of the tremolo. The hand and pick
must go through the same motions (except that there is not time to make the strokes as long), but
there must not be the accent and definite mental impulse for each stroke that is necessary when
playing single notes. The pick must be held very loosely and only the very tip allowed to touch
the strings.
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