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A simplified self learning system for the Mandolin with tuning instruction, song folio, chord diagrams, sheet music and PDF for printing. By ZARH MYRON BICKFORD

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Sixteenth Notes in Common Time
It now becomes necessary to play and think of a group of four notes to a single beat or
count, and this grouping can perhaps best be illustrated by the use of a four-syllabled word,
like "of-fer-to-ry" or"cat-er-pil-lar," the first syllable very strongly accented, as is the first
note of the group in playing".
In the same manner that 't takes no long-er to speak a word with four syllables than a, word
like "bird" so does the group of four notes take no more time to play than a single quarter
note. In either case it is a single impulse or thrust. It is suggested that the counting- be
done as indicated under the notes-speaking the word very sharply, but mentally dividing- it
into the four parts or syllables. The mark (>) placed over the first note of each group is called an
accent mark, and means that this note is to be given a very strong accent or emphasis. Attention is
again called to the necessity of decisive and vig-orous strokes, allowing the pick to rest against the next
higher string, but holding it very loosely. This Study should be played as quickly as possible, for the
development of the right hand.
Chords and How to Play Them
A chord is a union or combination of two or more harmonizing tones played tog-ether. In
the following- little Studies, the first measure and every alternating- measure after that shows
the preparation for the chords in the intervening- measures.
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