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A simplified self learning system for the Mandolin with tuning instruction, song folio, chord diagrams, sheet music and PDF for printing. By ZARH MYRON BICKFORD

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The notes between the open G and D strings (A-B-C), are produced by placing
the left hand fingers at certain frets on the G string.
The cut shows the manner of placing the first finger at the second fret to make
A. B is made by placing the second finger at the fourth fret, the first finger re-
maining in its place in the meantime. C is made with the third finger at the fifth
fret, while both of the other fingers remain firmly in their places.
The frets are indicated by the figures over the notes, while the figures at the
left of the notes refer to the left hand fingers.
The absence of a figure before G indicates that it is made on the open string,
although the sign "o" will be frequently used to indicate open strings. The
fingers must be used in the manner previously explained.
The notes laying between the open D and A strings (E-F-G), are pro-
duced on the D string, E being made with the first finger at the second
fret. The accompanying illustration shows the second finger placed at the
third fret, for the note F. The first finger is shown in its place, on E, where
it must remain while the other fingers are being used. The third finger is
then placed at the fifth fret for G, both of the other fingers still remaining in
place. In the section after the double bar, the fingers can only be left in their
places on the strings so long as the notes ascend (toward the bridge). For
example, the first finger remains on E (second note) while the next note,
F, is played, after which both fingers are raised for the open string. In the
case of the ninth note (E), the finger remains in place while the three following
notes, G-F-E, are being played. This principle is important and must be
scrupulously adhered to.
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