Best Hawaiian Melodies - lyrics, chords & scores
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An extensive collection (89 pieces) of the best traditional Hawaiian music; complete sheet music with chords for ukulele(diagrams) or guitar(letter notation) etc, includes downloadable PDF for printing, by Charles E. King.

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The collection here presented to lovers of the beautiful music
of Hawaii contains what is considered by authorities on things Ha-
waiian, to be the most typical of the native's that
breathe of the atmosphere of the land and also reveal the nature of its
delightful people. Every effort has been exerted to obtain the best ex-
amples of the olis or chants of the ancient days; good samples of the
songs of the period when the natives composed simple melodies that
show the influence of the music of the first foreigners who visited these
shores; songs of a later period when the Hawaiians introduced English
words and even complete lines of the foreign language into their pro-
ductions; and also the most typical of the compositions of the present
day. As the hula is distinctly Hawaiian,types of the various styles
of this class of music have been included in this collection. Your at-
tention is particularly called to the "Page of Chants or 01is''as a/care-
ful study of these specimens of ancient music will prove exceeding-ly
It is well to state that translations of Hawaiian songs/utterly
fail to bring- out the beauty of the original. Many people would be sur-
prised to know that Hawaiian poetry does not rhyme and that rules
relating- to meter are entirely disregarded by the native poet. It is
extremely difficult to secure the correct air of many of the composi-
tions for the reason that all the earlier melodies were never written .
Several of the folk-songs in this book have been included for the sake
of preserving- them and a number of these appear in fouFpart arrange-
ments for the benefit of the music-loving-people who live in the coun-
try districts . Pianos are scarce in these out-of-the-way places and
as these folk are accustomed to singing- song-s of this order in the
schools and churches, it has been decided to use these arrangements
for their sake. The collection is intended for the kamaaina as well
as the ever-welcome malihinito our fair isles.
The music of this seagirt land has a delightful fascination for
the people who have had the special privilege of hearing- it; and it is
safe to say that its charms will continue to grip and hold the hearers
of the present and future days . No other music in the world has an
equal effect upon one. It is hoped that this collection will serve as
a link that will ever bind the heart to our dear Hawaii,constantly re-
minding- one of the perpetual sunshine,the charming-people and their
bewitchlng- music.
Yours for the sake of ALOHA LAND,

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