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280                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
First flying lesson. Neidlinger. SSS Fly little birds. Cornwell. HS—WS Flying song. Hill. SHS George's song. Reinecke. FC Humming bird. Cole. CM Humming bird. Tufts. CL If blue-birds bloomed. Gilchrist. StN Little bird in the cradle. Brewster. BSS Little birdie. Neidlinger. SSS Little birdies. Cole. CM Little brown thrush. Hubbard. MSG Little cock sparrow, FS Little cock sparrow. Elliott. MG Little doves. Wiggin. KC Little red lark. FS Little woodpecker and I. WS Maggie's pet. Elliott. MG Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow. Gaynor. SC2 Nell and her bird. Tufts. CL Nest eggs. Ramsay. SF Nightingale. Alabieff. FS Nineteen birds. Elliott. MG Oriole. Gaynor. SCI Orioles. FS Pigeon. Gaynor. SC2 Pigeon house. Tufts. CL Pigeon's flight. Saville. HS Polly. Hubbard. MSG Polly. m Neidlinger. SSS Poor linnet in the hedge. FC Robin. Tufts. CL Robin redbreast. BSS Robin redbreast. Gaynor. SCI Robin, Robin redbreast. Mather. WS Robins and pussy willow. Brewster. BSS Robin's song. Neidlinger. SSS Rollicking Robin. Knowlton. NS Sing-away bird. Millard. StN Skylark. Cole. CM Snowbird. Knowlton. NS Song of the robin. Connell. StN Sparrows' nest. Berry. KC Stork, stork, stander. Reinecke. FC Swallow. FS
Swallow. Hubbard. MSG Swallow, good bye. FS Swallow is come. Tufts. CL Three crows. Elliott. MG §

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