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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Wouldn't you like to go? Frazer. BSS Wren and the hen. Bartlett. StN
(Molloy. Wren and the hen. StN) Wynken and Blynken and Nod one night. See DeKoven. Dutch
lullaby. FSC
Xmas day in the morning. CBO
*Yankee Doodle's come to town. LBS—OYA
Ye holy angels bright. See Barnby. St. Gregory. TLB
Ye lads and lassies all arise and speed. See Smith. May song.
TLB Ye people, rend your hearts, rend your hearts. See Mendelssohn.
If with all your hearts. TLB Ye shepherds arise. See Reinecke. Christmas song. FC Ye sons of France awake to glory. See De LTsle. Marseillaise.
EFS—FS Year's color song. Neidlinger. ESI
Yellow canary is trying his wings. See Smith. Canary. LCD Yeo ho! Our boat is riding. See Guglielmo. Rowing. FS Yes come! dear, dear Christmas. Hill. HS
Yes, here I am and how do you do? See Cole. Month of May. CM Yester night as I did stray. See Hunter and hare. RCS Yonder stands a charming creature. See Twenty eighteeen. NEB1 You all remember the fairy times. See Neidlinger. Fairies. ES2 You are bright and pretty, too. See Hailmann. You love me and
I love you. HR You are not my partner. KK
You buttercups yellow. See Gaynor. Buttercups. SC2 You dear little thumb, go to sleep. See Gaynor. Finger's lullaby.
SCI You have a little prisoner. See Pleyel. On guard. GS You have silken clothes to wear. See Meissner. In China. ASC You know I am a Brownie. See Gaynor. Brownie. LL You love me and I love you. Hailmann. HR You may hear us on your window. See Lamed. Raindrops. HS *You must be very tired. Hailmann. HR You never would think that old Grandfather Sun. See Neidlinger.
Painter Sun. ESI You pretty sunbeam. See Elliott. Little sunbeam. SL1 You pussy willow. See Sawyer. Pussy willow. WS You spotted snakes with double tongue. See Macfarren. Mid­summer night's dream. TLB You think, Oh sun so fair. See Amaryllis. EFS You want to be big and strong, of course. See Funkhouser. Some
day you'll be a man. FSK You will hear the birdies singing. See Cole. Scale song, No. 5. CM

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