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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         275
Winged singers ever keep two and two together. See Lonely bird. PS
Winslow. Cradle nest. HS
------Going to market. HS
Winter. HS
Winter. PS
Winter. Haydn. HR
(Hubbard. Old winter. MSG)
Winter. Martin. MSL
Winter ade! Scheiden thut Weh. See Winter, good-bye. RCS
Winter and summer. Allen. StN
Winter day! frosty day! God a cloak on all doth lay. See Bacon. Winter hymn. EL
Winter days will soon be gone. See Hecker. Spring song. GS
Winter fore-thought. SHS
*Winter, good-bye, parting is nigh. RCS
Winter has come and the songsters are gone. See Winter's ad­vent. PS
Winter hymn. Bacon. EL
Winter ist kommen. See Cold winter is round us. RCS
Winter is over. See Sawyer. Greeting to spring. EL
Winter jewels. Tufts. CL
(Burdett. Million little diamonds. StN) (Damrosch. Million little diamonds. StN) (Walker. Winter jewels. WS)
Winter rose. See Hubbard. Rose bush. MSG
Winter song. Schubert. WS
Winter sports. Seeboeck. HMC2 Music only
Winter winds are blowing. See Reinecke. Christmas at the door. FC—SL1—HR
Winter's advent. PS
*Wise old owl. Neidlinger. SSS
Wiseneder. Railway. HR
Wishing. Gaynor. LL
With a baa! baa! here, a baa! baa! there. See Jacobs. Barnyard , song, HS
With a hey-ding-ding. JB
With even step. KK
*With footsteps firm. Kuecken. SL1
With his bow and arrow. See Weber. Hunter's song. RCS
*With my flocks. EFS
With shoulders back, and heads up straight. See Reinecke. March­ing song. KC
With songs and honors sounding loud. See Ellacombe. TLB
With sudsy water in the tub. See Sloane. Washing day. HS
With the dawn awaking. See Tufts. Morning song. CL
With enticing glances. See Castilian bolero. EFS

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