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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         273
Wiggin. Window. KC
(Froebel. Little window. MP)
(Hubbard. Oh, see the light. MSG) Wild boar. Froebel. MP Wild horseman. Schumann. HMC1
Music only Wild rose. See Goethe. Heiden-Roeslein. BSS—FS—RCS
For composers see Goethe. Heiden-Roeslein Wild wind. Fisher. StN Wilhelm. Watch on the Rhine. EFS—FS Will o' the wisp. Behr. HMC2
Music only Will winter never be over? See Marston February. EL Will you attend to my saga old? See Ormen lange. KK Will vou buy my sweet lavender? See Maitland. Lavender cry.
NEB1 Will you hear a Spanish lady? See Marzials. Spanish lady. CPP Will you surrender? See King of the Barbarbees. JB Will you walk into my parlour? See Elliott. Spider and the fly.
NG Willcox. Christine's Christmas carol. EL Williams. Trust. TLB
Willie, Willie, come to me. See Hailmann. Giving the balls. HR Willow, willow. Marzials. CPP Wills. Autumn fires. EL
(Ramsey. Autumn fires. SF)
------How the wind blows. EL
------Rock-a-baby. EL
(Parry. Rock-a-baby. TC)
(Seeboeck. Rock-a-babv. TC) Wilm. Mazurka. HMC2
Music only. Winchester. Train. EL Wind. Allen. EL Wind. Cornwall. EL
(Bertini. I am the wind. HR)
(Hubbard. I am the wind. HSG)
(Sawyer. Wind. EL) Wind. Gaynor. SCI Wind. Sawyer. EL
(Bertini. I am the wind. HR)
(Cornwell. Wind. EL)
(Hubbard. I am the wind. MSG) Wind. Stevenson. CGV—EL—LBS—SF—SL1—SM—SS
For composers see Stevenson. Wind Wind and sea. Cauffman. TLB Wind and the leaves. Dugan. EL Wind blew low, the wind blew high. See Smith. Busy wind. LCD

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