INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Wiggin. Family finger play. KC
------Fish-seller. KC
------Fishes. KC
------Flight of the birds. KC
------Flower game. KC
------Fruit market. KC
------God is ever good. KC
------Good-bye song. KC
(Hailmann. Our work is done. HR)
(Hubbard. Parting song. MSG)
(Walker. Our play is o'er. WS)
------Good morning. KC
------Imitation game. KC
(Little master of gymnastics. PS)
(Smith. Choosing the game. SL1)
------Just like this. KC
------Keeping time. KC
------Kindergartner's funeral hymn. KC
------Kindergartner's morning greeting. KC
------Kindergartner's song. KC
------Little doves. KC
------Little waiters. KC
------Merry Christmas has come. KC
------Morning greeting. KC
------Morning hymn. KC
------Morning prayer. KC
------Night and day. KC
------Ring song. KC
------Second gift song. KC
------Seeing game. KC
------Slumber song. KC
(Tufts. Now the sun is sinking. CL)
------Slumber song of the birdlings. KC
------Smelling. KC
(Hubbard. Smelling. MSG)
(Smith. Smelling. SL2
------Spider and the flies. KC
------Spring birds. KC
------Spring's call to the flowers. KC
------Tasting. KC
(Hubbard. Tasting. MSG) ------Touching. KC
(Hubbard. Touching. MSG) ------Trade game, I. KC
(Workingman. HR)
------Trade game, II. KC
------Village dance. KC
------Wandering game. KC

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