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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         271
Whoever stole my big black dog. See My big black dog. OYA Whom shall I choose for the beautiful band? See Gaynor. Game of the beautiful band. LL
Why are red roses red? See Parker. Rose song. TC *Why do bells for Christmas ring? Field. BM—SV
(Bingham. Why do bells for Christmas ring? BM)
(Root. Christmas song. SV) Why do you come to my apple tree? See Hubbard. What a bird
taught. MSG
Why do you scratch me? See Dog and cat. RCS
Why does the charcoal burner stay? See Bullard. Charcoal
burner. SM Why Mr. Gobbler changed his tune. Gaynor. SC2 Why, moon, it strikes me you're looking quite thin. See Conrade.
Moon. GS *Widdy-widdy-wurky I call my fat turkey. LBS
(Hausegesinde. BB)
(Wide-wide-wenne. RCS)
Wide o'er the world. See Knowlton. November. NS *Wide-wide-wenne. RCS
(Widdy-widdy-wurky. LBS)
(Hausegesinde. BB)
Wide, wide world. Gaynor. SCI
Wie ist es kalt geworden. See Reinecke. Longing for spring. RCS
Wiebe. Ranged in rows. KC
------Two birds. KC
------Wheel. KC
Wiegenlied. See Brahms. Cradle song. FS
Wiesen Bluemchen hah* ich gern. See Taubert. Meadow daisy.
RCS *Wigamy, wigamy, waterhen. NEB1 Wiggin. Ball lullaby. KC ------Ball play. KC
(Wiggin. Ball song. KC)
------Bird game. KC
------Building song. KC
------Car driver. KC
------Christmas carol. KC
------Christmas hymn. KC
------Christmas waltz-song. KC
------Clock game. KC
------ Closing song. KC
------Everyday politeness. KC
------Guessing game. KC
(Guessing game. No. 32. PS)
(Hubbard. Seeing. MSG)
(When we're playing together. WS)

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