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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Whittier. Barefoot boy. TLB
------Blue bird. MSGWS
------Prayers of love. TLB
------Teacher's hymn, II KC
(Bacon. Mother's hymn. EL)
(Hailmann. Teacher's hymn. HR)
(Osgood. Mother's hymn. EL) ------Thanksgiving day. See Over the river and through the
woods. ------Worship. TC
Whittier. Gaynor. GS *Whittington for ever. Elliott. MG
Who can this little maiden be? See Knowlton. February. NS Who comes along the upland ways? See Johns. Easter song. TLB
Who comes here? See Punchinello. HC
*Who has the finest lambkins? See Moon and the stars. PS
(Reinecke. Who has the whitest lambkins? FCKC)
(White lambkins. HR) *Who has the whitest lambkins? FCKC
(Moon and the stars. PS)
(White lambkins. HR)
Who is at the meadow bars? See Gaynor. Milking time. SC2 Who is coming? See Smeltzer. Jack and Jill. SZ Who is hiding in the wood? See Rilev. Pussy Willow. LL *Who is Silvia? TLB
Who is so merry, so merry, heigh-ho! See Reinecke. Fairy. FC *Who is this so late doth come? JB
Who killed Cock Robin? See Elliott. Death and burial of Cock Robin. MG
*Who liveth so merry in all this land? Marzials. CPP Who'll be the binder? NG
Who'll buy caller herrin'? See Caller herrin'. FS Who made the first flag? Betty Ross, Betty Ross. See Atkinson. First Flag. GS
*Who's coming over there. LBS
Who's the friendly little chap. See Smith. Polite. LCD
*Who taught the bird? Schlager. HR
(Hubbard. Who taught the little bird? MSG)
Who will buy my top? See Toyman. HS
Who will come with me, the jolly rover. See Jolly rover. LBS *Who will o'er the down so free. Pearsall. FS Who will take a walk with me? See Hill. Toyman's shop. HS Who would not be glad? Gaynor. LL
Who wouldn't be a bounding ball? See Gaynor. Ball. SC2 Who wouldn't be a soldier when the band begins to play? See Gaynor. When the regiment goes marching by. LL

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