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Index to Kindergarten Songs
When you're told to do a thing. See Be thorough. HR
*When you send a valentine. Hill. HS
Whence comes this rush of wings afar. See Quercy. Carol of the birds. TLB
*Whenever a little child is born. Allen. StN
(Stanley. Whenever a little child is born. StN)
Whene'er a snowflake leaves the sky. See Molloy. Snow-flakes. StN
(Fisher. Snowflakes. StN) (Warren. Snowflakes. StN)
Whenever the moon and stars are set. See Stevenson. Windy
nights. CGVSFSSS
For composers see Stevenson. Windy nights. Whenever the sun comes out. See Neidlinger. Shadows. ES2 Where are the merry merry little men? See Roeske. Merry
little men. PFP Where are you going, Billy Boy? See Billy Boy. OYA Where are you going, lonely little sparrow? See Swallow. FS "Where are you going to, my pretty maid?" See My pretty
maid. CBOLBS
Where are you, my baby? See Haydn. Hide and seek. SM Where are you three foxes going? See London bridge. NEB1 Where did you come from, pretty ball. See Gaynor. Baby's
toys. SCI *Where do all the daisies go? Walker. WS
(Conrade. Where they go. GS) Where do you come from, you little drops of rain? See Tufts.
Little rain drops. CL Where do you think Wooley Foster can be? See Smeltzer.
Wooley Foster and Daffy Down Dilly. SZ Where go the boats? Stevenson. CBVLBSSFSS
For composers see Stevenson. Where go the boats. Where has the summer gone? See Conrade. Lost, the summer. GS Where ha' ye been a' the day? See Bonnie laddie, Highland
laddie. FS Where is little Boy Blue? See Dugan. Little Boy Blue. WS
(Cornwell. Little Boy Blue. EL) Where is Marguerita? See Marguerite. JB Where is my little dog gone? OYA
Where loud the mill-wheel roareth. See Glueck. Mill. FS Where 'mid the barley blue flow'rs are found. See Reinecke.
Barley-Brownie. FC Where, oh, where do the birdies go? See Cole. When the
light comes on. CM Where, oh, where is little Boy Blue? See Cornwell. Little Boy
Blue. EL
(Dugan. Little Boy Blue. WS)

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