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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         265
Whatever the mother fosters. See Froebel. Conclusion. MP
Wheatley. Song of the blue-bird. EL
Wheel. Wiebe. KC
Wheel song. Cushman. EL
Wheelbarrow. PS
Wheelbarrow. Hubbard. MSG
*Wheelbarrow, wheelbarrow, where shall we go. HR
Wheelwright. Smith. SM
Wheelwright. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. Wheelwright. MSG) *When a child goes marching out. LBS When all the ground with snow is white. See Knowlton.
Snow bird. NS *When all the world is young. Wharton. FS *When Bertie goes to the ball. JB
When children lay them down to sleep. See Schumann. Guar­dian angels. FS *When Christ was born. Brown. FS When do birds with weary wins:. See Smith. Friendly dark.
LCD When early morning's. See Mowers. KC When first I saw sweet Peggy. See Low-backed car. EFS—
FS When for my native land I sigh. See Tyrolese and his child.
EFS When good King Arthur ruled this land. See King Arthur.
(Gaynor. King Arthur. LL)
(Reinecke. Good King Arthur. FC) When I am tucked within my bed. See Gaynor. Wishing. LL When I go to sleep at night. See Knowlton. God loves his little
children. NS *When I grow to be a man. Neidlinger. SSS When Fm softly sleeping. See Smith, Sunshine song. SL1 When I run about all day. See Stanley. Night and day. StN
(Warren. Night and day. StN)
(Wiggin. Night and day. KC) When I see my biddy hen. See Sherwood. Baby's calendar.
HS When I survey the world around. See Marzials. Leather
bottel. CPP When I was a farmer. See Gaynor. 'Twas this way and that
way. LL
For variants see When I was a lady. *When I was a lady, a lady, a lady. LBS
(Variant: Gaynor. 'Twas this way and that way. LL)
(Variant: When I was a shoemaker. NG)
(Variant: When I was a schoolgirl. NEB1)
(Variant: When I wore flounces. JB)

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