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264                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
What does it mean when the blue bird flies? Sec Bacon. Signs
of the seasons. EL *What does little birdie say? Tennyson. SM
(Tennyson. Baby's waking song. SHS)
(Tennyson. Cradle song. EL)
(Tufts. Little birdie. CL) What does the baker make, we say? See Walker. Baker. WS What does the moon say tonight? See Sheehan. Mother's
lullaby. OSM What does the rumbling thunder say? See Neidlinger. Thund­er. ESI What fun it is to be just a tiny girl. Sec Terhune. Sedan
chair. CC What fun, what jolly fun. Sec Gaynor. Coasting. SC2 What have we here? See Hubbard. Garden gate. MSG "What have you got for dinner, Mrs. Bond?" See Mrs. Bond.
CBO What I have. Fischer. HR What is it fills our hearts with cheer? Sec Sheehan. Spring
is here. OSM What is so rare as a day in June? Sec Schnecker. June. TLB What is this? This is a gate. Sec Froebel. Barnyard gate. MP
(Hubbard. Barnyard. MSG) *What must be must. LBS What plant we in this apple tree? See Roeske. Planting of
the apple tree. HS What Robin told. Knowlton. NS
(Johnson. What Robin told. BSS) What's this dull town to me? See Robin Adair. EFS What says the book? See Damrosch. In the wood. StN What shall little children bring on Christmas day? Sec Bat-
chellor. Blessed day. WS What shall we do the long winter thro'? See Cornwall. Ferns.
EL What shall we do when we go out? Sec Holiday. LBS What song does the cricket sing? See Love and mirth. RCS What song shall we sing upon Christmas? Sec Hill. First
Christmas song. HS What sweet tunes can babies play? See Smith. Finder-piano.
SL1 What the bells say. Cole. CM What the little things said. Sawryer. WS What twitt'ring in the sparrows' nest. See Berrv. Sparrows'
nest. KC What, what shall Santa Claus bring Helen? Sec Reinecke.
Santa Claus. SL2 *What's this? Hubbard. MSG
(Froebel. Finger play. KC)
(Froebel. This little thumb. MP)

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