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INDEX TO Kl NDERGARTEN SONGS                             263
Welcome swallow. Tufts. CL
Welcome the gentle spring. See Brewster. Spring song. BSS Welcome the joyous Christmas day. See Christmas carol. KC Welcome the merry time of spring. Sec Smith. Welcome to
spring. LCD Welcome to spring. Smith. LCD Welcome to the new-born year. See Rischart. Now welcome
to the newborn year. HR Welcome to the pussy willows. Brown. EL Welcome to you, mother dear. See Gaynor. Mother day. GS Welcome, welcome! How do you do? See Smith. Greeting
song. KC Welcome, welcome swallow. See Tufts. Welcome swallow.
Wenk. Nursery clock. RCS
Wer will unter die Soldaten. See Kuecken. Little soldier. RCS
Were I a sunbeam. See Chopin. Spring song. EFS (Chopin. Maiden's wish. FS)
Were I the sun so high in heaven soaring. See Chopin. Maid­en's wish. FS (Chopin. Spring song. EFS)
*Wert thou in the cauld blast. Mendelssohn. TLB
Wesley. Child's prayer. HR
West wind. Barnby. TC
Who learned you to dance, Babity, Babitv? See Be Ba Babity. JB
Whale. Neidlinger. SSS
Wharton. When all the world is young. FS
What a bird taught. Hubbard. MSG
What a little thing am I. See Reinecke. Mamma and the babv. FC
What a plague is love. See Marzials. Phillida flouts me. CPP
What a pretty black-bird. Sec Black-bird song. BSS
What are little boys made of? See Natural history. CBO
What are you saying? See Root. Child and the tree. SV
What becomes of all the babies? See Hill. Stages of life. SHS
What can you do? Cole. TC
What child is this? See Christmas carol. RCS
What do birdies dream? Hubbard. MSG
What do I see in baby's eyes? See Gilchrist. Good night. StN
What do you ever suppose, Mamma? See Meissner. Smelling. ASC
What do you say to the snow to-day? Sec Warren. April snow. StN
What do you think came down last night? See Dayre. Snow. EL
What do you think mother saw on the hill? See Smith. Go­ing to sleep. LCD

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