INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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I ndex to Kindergarten Songs
Weather vane. Froebel. MP
(Hailmann. Weathervane. HR) Weather vane. Gaynor. SC2 Weather vane. Kohl. SM Weather vane. Osgood. SM Weather vane. Smith. LCD Weather vane is perch'd on high. See Kohl. Weather vane.
SM Weather vane is turning. See Weather vane. BSS ^Weathercock high on the tower. PS Weatherly. Christmas bells. EL
Weave, children, weave. See Reinecke. Weaving song. HR *Weave in, my hardy life. Stucken. TLB *Weave the homespun and strike together. KK Weave the little basket. See Froebel. Basket. MP
(Smith. Flower basket. SM) Weaving. Gaynor. SCI Weaving dance. See Vafva vadmal. FDM
Music only
Weaving game. HC
Weaving song. WS
Weaving song. Reinecke. HR
Webbe. Epitaph on a parish clerk. TLB
Weber. Birdies in the greenwood. HR
(Birdie. PS)
(Walker. Birdies in the greenwood. WS)
------Dance, little baby. HR
------Darling little fingers. HR
------Hunter's song. RCS
------On the sea. HR
------Ring song, no. 1. KC
------Waltz. HMC2
Music only
Wee little star. See Tours. Star. TC
Wee maiden dear with eyes of blue. See Brewster. Valentine
song. BSS *Wee Willie Winkie. LBS "Weel may the keel row." See Highland schottische. FDM
Music only Weevily wheat. OYA Weidig. Boat song. TC
(Fanning. Boat song. TC)
------Pilgrims. TC
Weisst du, wie viel Sternlein? See God knows. RCS
(Hubbard. Do you know how many stars? MSG) *Welcome, little robin. Smith. SL2
Welcome, little travelers. See Gilchrist. Little travelers. HS Welcome song. Gaynor. SCI

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