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Index to Kindergarten Songs
We children form a flowery ring. Sec Elliott. Ring. SL2
We come to see Miss Jennie Jones. See Miss Jenny Jones.
(Variant: Jilly Jo. JB) We go across the street. See Visiting game. EL We have a little blue eye within the ring. See Choosing game.
HC We have a little fairy. Sec Knowlton. Little fairy. NS We have friends on land and sea. See Neidlinger. Sheep. ESI We have got an army fit to march around the table. See Table
army. LBS We have put our work away. See Koehler. Time for play. HR We know a lovely garden. See Chapek. Garden. HS We lightly skip on tip toe, all. See Koehler. Skipping. HR—PS We'll hire a horse and steal a gig. See To push the business on.
JB nVe'll join our hands. Hubbard. MSG
We'll join our hands and in a circle sing. See Hubbard. Sea­sons. MSG We'll march and march and inarch around. See Reinecke.
Forming the ring. WS We'll march like soldiers brave. See Hitte. Little soldiers.
DM We'll mix up some water and meal in a pan. Sec Knowlton.
Feeding chickens. NS We'll open the pigeon house again. See Walker. Pigeon song.
(Kohl. Pigeon house. HR)
(Pigeon house. PS) We'll play we're giants tall. Sec Gaynor. Giants. SCI *We'll stand up straight. Gaynor. SCI We'll sweep. Terhune. CC
We'll turn to our places. See Wiggin. Ring song, no. 4. KC We love this blessed land of ours. See Reed. Our land. HS—
TGS We love to go a-roaming. See Bullard. Wandering song. SM We made a see-saw yesterday. See Neidlinger. See-saw. SSS *We march like soldiers. Gaynor. SCI We meet again together. See Afternoon song. KC We open now our pigeon house. See Kohl. Pigeon house. HR
(Froebel. Pigeon house. MP)
(Pigeon house. PS)
(Walker. Pigeon song. WS) *We plow the fields. Smith. SL2 *We praise Thee, Lord. Lvoff. FS *We're a band of happy children. KC We're a band of merry merry workmen. See Smith. Merry
workers. SL2 We're a-noddin'. FS
(Variant* We are all nodding. LBS)

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