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258                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
War song. Reinhold. HMC2
Music only Ward. Jerusalem above. TLB
*Warm hands, warm, the men have gone to plough. CBOŚLBS Warner. Postman. KC Warren. April snow. StN ------Ironing song. StN
(Smith. Ironing day. SL2)
------Marjorie's almanac. StN
------Night and day. StN
------Queen o' May. StN
------Snow flakes. StN
(Molloy. Snow-flakes. StN)
------There was a little girl. StN
Was eilst du so? See Taubert. Busy brook. RCS
Washing. Montz. IMS
Washing and ironing. Hill. SHS
Washing day. LBS
Washing day. Sloane. HS
Washing day. Smith. SL2
^Washing day has come again. Brown. EL
Washing the clothes. BFD
^Washington, O Washington, thv name is ever dear. Atkinson.
GS Washington the soldier true who won our land. See Hubbard.
Washington's birthday. MSG *Wassail, a wassail, a wassail and we begin. NEB1 Watch by the Rhine. Wilhelm. EFS
(Watch on the Rhine. Wilhelm. FS) Watches and clocks. PS Watches for good reasons never have any sleep. See Watches
and clocks. PS Watching the flocks. GS Watchman. Terhune. CC *Water, water wild flowers. NG Watercart. Valentine. VBD Watering the flowers. Dugan. EL Waterlilies. Gavnor. SC2 Watermill. USI Watermill. Andrae. HR Watersprite. See Nigarepolskan. FDM
Music onlv Waterwheel. PS Watts. Busy bee. CL
(Lesson from the bee. CM)
------ Ellacombe. TLB
Watts. Lesson from the bee. CM
(Busy bee. CL) Wave our bonny flag on high. See Gaynor. Our flag. SCI

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