INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Virgin's cradle song. Kies. MSL
(Barnby. Cradle song of the Virgin. RCS) Visit. Reinecke. SM Visiting game. EL. Visiting game. Hayden. HC Vose. Little plant. EL
------Plants awakening. EL
------Pop corn. EL
------Song of chestnuts. EL
-------Spring secrets. EL
Voyage. Hailmann. HR Voyage. Neidlinger. ES2
Wacht am Rhein. See Wilhclm. Watch on the Rhine.
(Wilhelm. _ Watch by the Rhine. EFS) Wagner. Pilgrims' chorus. TLB Waiting to grow. EL
(Turner. Waiting to grow. EL) Waits. Sawyer. EL
Wake, little bird. See Gaynor. Awakening. SC2 *Wake! says the sunshine. Hubbard. MSG Wake up fairies. Hayden. HMC1
Music only *Wake up, snowdrop. Atkinson. GS *Wake up! wake up! the morning light. Bingham. BM *Waken little children. Ashmall. SL1 Waking flowers. Hill. SHS Waking flowers. Reissmann. RCS
Wakonda, hear us, hear us. See Song of the ghost dances Walker. All the little sparrows. WS ------Baby's lullaby. WS
(Elliott. Lullaby. MG—SM)
(Lullabv. HR)
------Baker.' WS
------Ball comes round to meet us. WS
(Ball comes to meet us. PS) ------Birdies in the greenwood. WS
(Birdie. PS)
(Weber. Birdies in the greenwood. HR)
------Birthday song. WS
------Bucket song. WS
(Hubbard. Bucket song. MSG)
------Carol, children, carol. WS
------Cartwheel song. WS)
(Elliott. Cartwheel. SL2)
------Children, can you truly tell. WS
------Children grateful for meeting. WS
------Cooper. WS
(Hubbard. Cooper. MSG)

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