INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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I ndex to Kindergarten Songs
Valentine. Damrosch. StN
(Fairlamb. Valentine. StN) Valentine day. Gaynor. GS Valentine song. Brewster. BSS Valentines. Gaynor. SC2 Valentine's message. Hill. HS Valiant rider. Parlow. HMC1
Music only *Valley boy smiling. EFS Vapperstavals. FDM
Music only Varmer he lived in the West Countree. See Barkshire tragedv.
NEB1 Varsovienne. FDM
Music only Veilchen wie so schweigend. See Naegeli. Violet. HRRCSWS Venetian boatmen's song. Bach. TLB Venturesome children. Seidell. HR Verdi. Little song of gratitude. GS
------Raindrops. GS
Vesper sparrow now has sung. See Gilchrist. Whip-poor-will. TLB Vessel. PS
(Hubbard. Ship. MSG) Viens, Aurore. See Come, Aurora. FS Village dance. Wiggin. KC Vineyard dance. FDM
Music only Vingakersdans. FDM
Music only Violet. Bingham. BM Violet. Gavnor. SCI Violet. Naegeli. HRRCSWS Violet. Schults. FCKCMSLRCSSL1 WS
(Reinecke. Violet. FCRCSSL1WS)
(Kies. Violet. MSL)
(Violet. KC) Violet, darling violet. See Schults. Violet. FCKCMSLRCS SL1 WS
For composers see Schults. Violet Violet, dearest violet. See Schults. Violet. FCKCMSL
For composers see Schults. Violet Violet does not dress as gay. See Bingham. Violet. BM Violet lowly bending. See Naegeli. Violet. RCS
(Adaptation: Naegeli. Violet. HRWS) Violet song. Brewster. BSS Virgin stills the crying. See Barnbv. Cradle song of the Virgin.
(Kies. Virgin's cradle song. MSL)

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