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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         253
Up and down the centre we go. See Catch the squirrel. USI
Up comes the little bucket. See Smith. Pail. SL2.
*Up, down. Hailmann. HR
Up, down, up down, all the way to London town. See Foote.
Going to London. StN Up in the apple tree over the way. See Holden. My neighbor. EL Up in the tall old tree. Sec Cole. Where the birdies grow. CM Up into the cherry tree. See Stevenson. Foreign lands. SS
(Stanford. Foreign lands. SS) Up the scale we're climbing. See Cole. Scale song, No. 1. CM Up through the mould. Sec Bacon. Daffy-down-dilly. EL Up to us sweet childhood looketh. See Bacon. Mother's hymn. EL
(Hailmann. Teacher's hymn. HR)
(Osgood. Mother's hymn. EL)
(Teacher's hymn, II. KC) Up up in the sky. Walker. WS
(Ball song. KC)
(Direction song. HR) Up, up my little bucket comes. See Walker. Bucket song. WS
(Hubbard. Bucket song. MSG) *Up yonder on the mountain. Reinecke. FC Upon a showery night and still. Sec Suck. Dandelion. StN LTpon Paul's steeple stands a tree. See St. Paul's steeple. CBO Upon the blooming meadow. See Reinecke. Forget-me-not. FC—
(Jacob. Forget-me-not. WS) Upon the bottom of the sea. See Neidlinger. Cable. ESI Upon the meadow. Foerster. HMC1
Music only Upon the sweetest summer time. Sec Blow away the morning
dew. LBS Useful. Smith. LCD
V-v-v-v-v buzzing, buzzing, buzzing bees. See Fischer. Bees. HR Vafva vadmal. FDM
Music only Valentine. Baby's horses. VBD
------Cat. VBD"
------Conductor. VBD
------Fireman. VBD
------Flower-wagon. VBD
------Goldfish. VBD
------Good-morning song. VBD
------Green grocer. VBD
------Policeman. VBD
------Polly. VBD
------Postman. VBD
------Train. VBD
------Water-cart. VBD

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