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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Twinkle, twinkle little star. See Hubbard. Little star. MSG
'Twixt a hill and deep and shelter'd vale. See Two hares. RCS (Zwei Hazen. BB)
Two birds. Wiebe. KC
Two boys in the snow. KK
Two crows. Neidlinger. SSS
Two grenadiers. TLB
Two hands and eight little fingers. See Hurd. Children on the tower. PTS
Two hands I have. Mozart. HR
Two hands, thereon eight fingers are. See Froebel. Children at the tower. MP (Hubbard. Two hands. MSG)
Two hares. RCS
(Zwei Hazen. BB)
Two kittens. Clarke. StN
Two little birds. Bacon. EL
*Two little birds. Fisher. m StN
Two little hands. See Smith. Children on the tower. SL1
Two little hands I have. See Fischer. What I have. HR
*Two little maidens all alone. JB
Two little roses. Bacon. EL
*Two little windows. Reed. TGS
Two merrv little builders. See Brewster. Robins and pussy wil­low. 'BSS
Two pretty boots are these of mine. See Taubert. Sand man. RCS
Two Robin Redbreasts built their nest. See Tufts. Robin Red­breasts. CL
(Two Robin Redbreasts. HR) (Walker. Two Robin Redbreasts. WS)
*Two stars are in heaven. FS
Two years old. Smith. LCD
Tyrolese and his child. EFS
*Tyrolese are jolly. JB
Uhland. Good comrade. FS Ukranian dance melody. HMC2
Music only Uncrowned kings. Loomis. TLB
Under and over the chain is unwound. See Rust. Bucket song. EL Under the crimson flow'rets. See Reinecke. Birdie's burial. FC Under the glowing sun. See Reinecke. Little gardener. SM Under the lindentree. Foerster. HMC1
Music only Under the Maypole. Gurlitt. HMC2
Music only Up and down and in and out. See Froebel. Play with the limbs.
SM Up and down, and up and down. See Terhune. Kitchen carol. CC

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