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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Trot, trot, trot, through Troyte. Troyte's chant. True freedom. Lang.
the pasture TLB TLB
lot. See Little
Drummer. HMC2
Trum te turn, turn. See
Taubert Spindler.
Trumpeter's serenade.
Trunkles. NEB2
Music only Trust. Williams. TLB Try, try again. HR Tschaikowsky. Skylark. HMC2
Music only Tufts. Bee is a rover. CL
------Birds in summer. CL
------Busy bee. CL
(Cole. Lesson from the bee. CM)
------Busy little husbandman. CL
------Buttercups and daisies. CL
(Conrade. Buttercups and daisies. GS)
(Hubbard. Buttercups and daisies. MSG)
------Butterflies are pretty things. CL
------Calling the tides. CL
------Cherry tree. CL
------Coasting. CL
------Cock-a-doodle-do! CL
------Come here, little robin. CL
------Come, my children, come away. CL
------Cradle song. CL
(Tennyson. Little birdie. CL)
(Tennyson. Baby's waking song. SHS)
Daisy buds.
Ding, dong.
Dog; CL
What does little birdie say? SM)
Engine song.
Golden rule.
Humming bird. CL
T had two pigeons. CL
I like little pussy. CL
(Elliott. I love little pussv.
(My kitty. HR)
I saw three ships. CL
(I saw three ships come sailing by.
If all the world was apple-pie. CL
(If all the world were paper. BB)
Little birdie. CL
(Tennyson. Baby's waking
(Tennyson. (Tennyson.
Cradle song. EL)
What does little birdie say? SM)

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