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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Tis God our Father. See Hill. Blessings on effort. SHS 'Tis May Day! 'tis May Day! let's up and away. See Sherwood.
May day invitation. HS 'Tis raining, 'tis raining. See Froelich. Rain song. KC
(Reinecke. Rain song. FC) 'Tis spring, the field is ready. See Reinecke. Farmer. SL2 *'Tis the last rose of summer. EFS
(Last rose of summer. FS) 'Tis twelve o'clock. See Good-bye. HR 'Tis when the lark goes soaring. See Chadwick. Kissing time.
FSC Tit-tat-toe! See Gaynor. House of tit-tat-toe. LL Tithing-man. Terhune. CC. Titoff. Flicker, flicker, Are sprite. FS To a daisy. Dietrich. TC To a dandelion. Gaynor. LL To a honey-bee. Cole. CM To a snowflake. Smith. LCD *To all you ladies now on land. Marzials. CPP To America. TLB *To Anacreon in Heav'n. EFS *To and fro. HR To and fro. Hubbard. MSG
To and fro, gay we go. See Smith. Dancing song. SL2 To and fro, so soft and slow. See Fairlamb. Cradle song. StN
(Fisher. Cradle song. StN)
(Ilsley. Cradle song. StN)
(Stanley. Cradle song. StN)
(Suck. Cradle song. StN) *To and fro the ball. Hubbard. MSG
To and fro the strong arms go. See Allen. Canoe song. EL To and fro, to and fro goes the pendulum. See Froebel. Tick,
tack! MR
(Hubbard. Tick, tack. MSG) To and fro, to and fro, that my ball can nicely do. See Hubbard.
To and fro. MSG *To Araby will I wander. EFS *To Beccles. JB
To do to others as I would. See Hubbard. Golden rule. MSG To fight the French in Flanders. See Duke Marlborough. FS To France were returning two grenadiers. See Two grenadiers.
TLB *To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. KM To me the land that gave me birth. See At the beginning and
at the close of play, no. 2. PS To night. Smith. TLB To push the business on. JB To Santa Claus. Conrade. GS

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