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244                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Three funny old men. Neidlinger. SSS
Three-in-hand is slowly rolling. Troika. EFS
*Three jolly little boys. LBS
Three kings of Orient. Hopkins. FS
Three knights went riding away to the war. See Parting. TLB
*Three little doves. Knowlton. NS
Three little kittens. BB—FS
*Three little mice. Elliott. MG
Three men of Gotham. Smeltzer. SZ
Three men's reel. FDM
Music only Three of us afloat. See Stevenson. Pirate story. SS
(Stanford. Pirate story. SS) Three ravens. EFS—FS
(Marzials. Three ravens. £PP) Three shining sides of glass have I. See Gaynor. Prism game.
SC2 Three times round goes the gallant ship. See Wind blows high.
JB Three wise old women were they. See Bartlett. Three wise
women. STN
(Stanley. Three wise women. StN) Three wise women. Bartlett. StN
(Stanley. Three wise women. StN) Three years old. Smith. LCD Threshers. Seeboeck. HMC1
Music only Through fair grassy meadows. See Hill. Brooklet's song. HS *Through love to light. Mackenzie. TC Through painted windows. See Smith. Church. SL2 Through the chequered window pane. See Froebel. Window. MP Through the golden meadows. See Knight and the lady. JB Through the pleasant meadow side. See Stevenson. Hayloft. LBS
For composers see Stevenson. Hayloft. Thro' the streets and o'er the snow. See Rossini. Sleighing. HR Through time to come as in ages past. See Neidlinger. Nature's
novel. ES2 Thrupp. Chickens round the gate. GS
(Hubbard. See the chickens round the gate. MSG)
(Seidell. See the chickens round the gate. HR) Thumb I count as one. See Finger plays, No. 19. PS
(Adapted from Froebel, Numbering the fingers. SM) Thumb is one. See Froebel. Numbering the fingers. SM
(Adaptation: Finger play, No. 19. PS) *Thumbkin says "I'll dance." Hubbard. MSG
(Walker. Thumbkin says "I'll dance." WS)
(Variant: Smith. Thumbkin says "Til dance." SL1)

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